Getting the decorations up and making a wreath

(This is back on Monday 7th December before all the craziness happened).

After visiting the Christmas tree farm on the Sunday, I didn’t have much energy to actually decorate it, so we did it in bits during the week.  We got our fake tree down and put it in the dining room (we couldn’t decide for a while) so now we have two trees- I am making the most of this once in a lifetime situation!

Andy’s dad made us this amazing wooden tree, so I put our little Disney baubles on it.

On Wednesday it was the final yoga of the term (none in the final week) and I felt Ok, although any of the inversions just felt bad so I missed those. It’s so weird to think that since March the classes have been going online. I am still yet to do a proper headstand (I can get one leg up at a time, but not both)- maybe 2021 will be a year for me to get the hang of that.

On Thursday I met my dad for a run- a little out and back in the rain. It was enjoyable to catch up and as it turned out, our last run together for a while so I am glad we managed it.

I am loving the Proviz jacket although it is very noisy!

Friday treat of a gingerbread biscuit while I tackled some work, more festive tea in my advent calendar and a crime drama on the TV.

Of course, now that it’s December, the festive leggings are out. Another club challenge was to do some reps (I think 200m or more in length, maybe 6 reps?) so I did that on Saturday morning as part of my (not)parkrun. All good.

Since finishing The Crown and whizzing through The Queen’s Gambit we started an Icelandic drama called The Valhalla Murders which has been really good (way better than Young Wallander), and then onto Fargo.

I’d ordered a wreath kit from a lady on Etsy who usually does classes, and there was a fair bit of hassle with the delivery company losing the parcel (not the seller’s fault at all- she was super helpful), but the replacement arrived in time for the weekend, so I spent a good hour and a bit making the wreath. Things like this are so therapeutic and I would definitely do something like this again. The lady had made a video as well as printing out instructions, so I could watch and pause her instructions whenever needed. It of course doesn’t replace a live class, but in this situation that we are in it was perfect. The box was full of moss and fir and pine cones and dried orange slices and wooden stars- it just looked so festive.

I also wrapped the presents for people at work, made decorations for some relatives and got them ready to post, sorted a donation to The Woodland Trust (instead of sending Christmas cards),  topped up the bird food, did the cleaning and finished some work. Phew. A very productive day.

On Sunday I took the run fairly gently as I still felt like I had a bit of a cold left, so 8 miles in the rain felt like plenty. I did some more crafting- I love making these Danish hearts- and also made some cookies.

These are the Pret vegan chocolate almond butter cookie recipe, and then on the top I melted a little dark choc mixed with some peppermint extract, and then sprinkled on some crushed candy canes. I just wish we were allowed to give out home-made food as gifts (I understand why not but it’s a shame all the same).

On Sunday afternoon my Christmas movie was Godmothered (on Disney+)- a bit of an Enchanted and Elf vibe, and as a lot of it is set in Boston over Christmas it let us look back on a few yeas ago when we went to NYC and Boston over Christmas.

What Christmas movies have you been watching?  Do you like crafts? I just got a glue gun and I can see a lot of use for that in the future!

I hope you are doing OK whichever tier you are in and whatever plans you had…

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6 thoughts on “Getting the decorations up and making a wreath”

  1. Those cookies look amazing! I’m not much of a baker but I’ve wanted to give them a go ever since Pret released the recipe…
    I love crafting but have been so busy lately that I’ve not had a chance to make anything!

    1. Give them a go- they have a long list of ingredients but normal baking things you’d have (eg water, almond butter) but they are very easy to make and sooooooooo tasty.

  2. So far I’ve watched Home Alone 1&2 and A Christmas Gift from Bob. I’m on annual leave now for two weeks so I’ll finish watching the Queen’s Gambit and will make a start on The Crown. I’m probably the least practical person on the planet so I tend to stay away from arts and crafts.

    As for Christmas plans, Birmingham is in Tier 3 so not much has changed for me. As my GP said, if your plans changed a lot then they were probably a little too ambitious to start with.

    I’ve been super careful, so I should be able to spend Christmas Day with my mum and step-dad. I’ve been in a support bubble with them since the first lockdown. I won’t be able to see the rest of my family which isn’t ideal, but I’d rather not risk them for the sake of Christmas. I managed to distribute all my Christmas presents a few weeks ago – I knew there was a reason I did my shopping in October – so I’m feeling quite organised.

    1. I’ve not even heard of the Christmas with Bob movie 🙂
      Oooh enjoy The Crown- I am very envious of anyone starting it now because you have so many good episodes to work through- we did limit ourselves to one a day but that is long finished now!

  3. We’re half way through the Valhalla murders and it’s very good.

    I’m not great with crafts, but I do enjoy having a go with my hot glue gun. It’s strangely therapeutic!

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