50 weeks without a parkrun, but a small ray of hope

It was all change at the start of the week as I had to go into school to cover, so it turned into a bit of a juggling act with online learning, cover plus parent consultation calls/online meetings (it all comes at once!), so on Monday I had a short 3 mile run before getting my things ready and heading into work. I do enjoy the headspace and fresh air before I begin my day, but I am not sure how realistic it will be once all the traffic is back to being back to normal- I am not sure I can get up at 5am to fit it in before work…

On Tuesday the sunrise was just amazing. I ran through the fields as it was light enough to see without the streetlights, and it was such a treat to be there and see the colours changing almost every minute. I ran for 5 miles and I really wanted to be out there longer.

I think Baby Yoda would like matcha 

With Me Now pod had a post about the Leap Day parkrun from 2020, so I enjoyed reading through everyone’s memories. I’d been the tail walker at Jersey Farm, and it was so flooded that I basically waded most of the way around. I wore my Kermit hat for the frog/leap day theme. There was a DofE volunteer tail walking too, and he had just worn thin trainers- he was not amused by wading through the rivers! It has been so long since I’ve had a random conversation with someone like that- parkrun is so good for forcing me out of my comfort zone and making me chat to people I don’t know.

After work I had to get on and make a cake- my niece was turning 5 and they are having home renovations at the moment which meant that their kitchen was out of action, so they’d asked if I could make a cake as opposed to them buying one. Of course I was more than happy. I’d trialled the recipe the previous weekend, (the Bosh chocolate cake) and it worked out well, so I got on and made that, plus the icing.

She wanted a Wonka bar themed cake, and her mum had suggested buying the chocolate bars and sticking them on top, but in the end I made the bar from icing (over the weekend) as I thought it would be a bit strange to stick the wrapper on the cake (the icing was quite fudgy). I was quite pleased with how it looked.

I did a 4 mile run on Wednesday, and then when I got home from work we had to drive back over to deliver the cake- all very clandestine as it was going to be a surprise, so they left their back gate unlocked and we left it on their table outside (in a container!).  Then I had to get back for yoga. As we are still decorating our spare room, I had to move all my yoga things into the living room, as my office (where I’d usually do yoga) is very full of things from the wardrobe. It did mean that for the yoga nidra at the end I could lay on the sofa, and definitely fell asleep at least twice!

Thursday was another 5 miles. Later on that day, someone (Gail from Monday Running) posted in the With Me Now group that it was 50 weekends since parkrun paused, and she was urging everyone to wear their 50 tops over the weekend to come together as a community. I loved this idea, so on my Friday morning run I wore my 50 top and headed out to the fields again. It was freezing- so frosty, but again so beautiful.

I attempted a few photos with the self timer, but propping it up on a bench meant it was not easy to get the angle to see the number 50. Ah well. I posted the photo, and on Sunday Gail posted a beautiful collage of all these smiling runners in their red tops. parkrun may be paused, but the community is very much alive.

We had exciting parkrun news in that they may be able to restart in June. Maybe. I am trying not to get too excited, because they were meant to come back in October, but then we all know what happened. Considering in some areas infections are already going up, and schools have not even fully opened, I am erring on the side of caution because I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.

Frosty friday views

Are you feeling optimistic about the future at the moment?

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