Finally a haircut! A virtual race and enjoying the outdoors.

A while back I signed up to the virtual Vitality 10k, as I’d enjoyed “racing” the virtual London Winter Run. Anyway, I realised that I was meant to do it this week,  and so on Friday I went to run it. It was meant to have rained first thing, but hadn’t, so when I was out running and it started raining it was very welcome, as it was warm.

I didn’t want to run crazily hard as I had a long run planned for the next day, but I wanted to pick up the pace a bit.

I managed some miles under 10 minutes, and was pleased to finish in 1:03 something. Not as fast as the winter run, but that’s no surprise.

From then the weather went downhill and it basically spent the day chucking it down. Luckily (?) I had a list of jobs to get on with so at least I could tick them off without wishing I was outside.

In the afternoon I was off to get my haircut. The last time it was cut was the start of January 2020, so this was pretty much 17 months to the day since the last cut.  I’d started taking pictures in March last year, and it’s quite strange to see them because with a gradual change you just don’t notice it.

March 2020

March 2021

June 2021- ridiculous- hardly even fits in the photo!

And after

I was off to a new salon, because the lovely hairdresser who cuts my hair had moved (and I was going to follow her of course). She is the only hairdresser who has not tried to make me put layers in my hair. I think because my hair is super thick, some people think that layers will take some of the hair away and thin it out, but it does the opposite- people usually have layers added to puff up their hair (that’s a technical term right there). Anyway, the new salon was in Hertford, which is near to me but I haven’t really been there. In the end I parked by parkrun and then walked the mile and a half there, but as it was pouring down it wasn’t that much fun.

I was quite nervous about going into the salon as sitting in the same place for all that time felt just the very opposite of what we are doing right now (limiting contacts and so on). But the new salon was much nicer (the one I went to before was in a shopping centre with no outdoor windows, plus it had a nail bar in it so always smelled very chemically)- bright and airy with the main door left open. A bit like with the comedy festival, I had forgotten how much better you feel after a haircut. The ends of my hair were just quite dry (no surprise there) and just all tatty as they were different lengths.

Hot cross bun after the haircut

I managed to keep it dry under my hood for the walk back to my car! I did a click and collect for a chai latte as I was feeling quite thirsty. They did offer me a drink but as you had to keep your mask on I wasn’t sure how that would work. I promise I won’t leave it another 17 months!

On Saturday I was up early for a long run, as we had plans on the Sunday. I went for a half marathon, doing a 5 mile loop and then an 8 mile loop. It was warm so I did lots of walking, but it was enjoyable and I was home before it was too unbearable.

The rest of the day was spent mainly relaxing (apart from moving some furniture around) and baking ready for Sunday. I had a few bits that had arrived (some end of term gifts for colleagues and some bits for me):

Caramel shortbread 

Including Disney themed (vegan) hand creams from Make My Day Magical (the Baby Yoda one smells like taffy!), and these cute plant pot holders/ coasters from Cottage and Castle on Etsy. To continue to chilled/Disney day vibes, we watched Raya and the Last Dragon which I really enjoyed (we both did).

On Sunday we were meeting Andy’s family at Wimpole Hall, and NT place not too far from us. Some of us are members and some had guest passes so we’d booked on to have a day there together.

We went to the farm, which I’d never been to before, but our niece and nephew loved. I loved seeing the Lil Sebastien. We packed a picnic, and I’d made caramel shortbread. It is one of Andy’s brother’s favourite bakes, and I can make it vegan using coconut condensed milk (they all thought I’d just made a non-vegan one which is a pretty good sign), although it wasn’t the easiest to transport on a warm day- I’d sliced it and wrapped it into bags but the caramel was still super gooey. Next time I’ll make cookies!  We ended up spending all day there- the grounds are huge so after the farm we had our picnic, walked around the walled gardens and main gardens, and then sat on the large lawn  in the shade of a tree until closing time.

Once home I had to make a plane costume for work (an up in the air themed day- I thought I would be Amelia Earhart as a good female role model) and then the final few bits to sort before heading back to work.

Do you like having your hair cut? I always used to feel so nervous because so many times I had left not feeling happy.

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2 thoughts on “Finally a haircut! A virtual race and enjoying the outdoors.”

  1. As a child I HATED getting my haircut as my mum always wanted it cut short while I wanted to grow it long. She always won, of course! Now I love getting a haircut as I have a good stylist who has cut my hair for many years and would never do anything drastic. Since hairdressers opened here I’ve felt safe as there’s a temperature check before going in, loads of sanitiser, screens and we see the cleaning taking place between clients.

    1. I had the same thing- I had long hair for a bit, but then was going on a school trip and I could not brush it all myself, so I had to have it cut short. It was only when I got to uni that I started to grow it again.

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