A new junior parkrun!

When I’m around on a Sunday morning I have been really enjoying volunteering at Beehive junior parkrun, and so I was very excited when a new one in Hatfield was going to be launched. I volunteered as a marshal at their (very boggy) test event, and then at the inaugural. My friend is the ambassador for the event, and as well as her being there, pod host Danny Norman was on the roster, along with his parents who used to be at Ellenbrook Fields come rain or shine.

The team of volunteers ready, the With Me Now fan photo and scenes from the field.

It already felt like a brilliant community, and after the first event I joined the team for a cup of tea in the cafe (which is right next to the car park and start). I couldn’t make the second event as I was doing the Brighton half marathon, but the following week I was back handing out tokens- the only time I ever get to hold the number 1 token (well apart from when I did token sorting!).

A misty event when I was handing out tokens, my parkrun pal Branka and the sun coming out later.

I had volunteered as tail walker for another week but unfortunately was sick on the Saturday night so I couldn’t go, and then the next few Sundays were busy, but I am looking forward to getting back there soon.

At the moment they are only having a handful of runners, but I am sure as the word spreads and the weather gets better, more children will come along and discover the joys of junior parkrun! It is also brilliant to have a parkrun event back in Hatfield so long after Ellenbrook Fields was put on pause.

Are you a fan of junior parkrun?

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