A Panshanger parkrun sandwich before The Foo Fighters!

That says it all really! I wanted to keep to a local parkrun because we were off to London later on, and as I am working on my single-ton (100 at one event), I opted for a parkrun sandwich to Panshanger. It’s an OK distance to run (a little over 2 miles each day) and it’s nice to do a little further on a Saturday. If I go to Jersey Farm we’d have the walk there and back, but I’ve not been there for ages, so have usually been driving to parkruns instead.

It was slightly overcast but I decided on sunglasses as it was meant to be sunny later. I should have worn a visor too though.

OH ladies selfie and then views on the parkrun route

The run there is mainly through fields and woods so it’s a lovely peaceful start to the day. Once I was at Panshanger I met up with a few fellow OH ladies and we had a little catch up. Most of them were walking but I was going to run slowly so headed off at the start.

The run was enjoyable but uneventful- I took a fair few photos on the way around as the park is just so pretty. At one point the view in front of me was half blue skies and half dark grey clouds- a sign of things to come!

Token and purple pop up sign

Once I had finished and scanned, I spent a few minutes looking at the people scanning in their 250 tops- they just looked a bit different to my top but I can’t put my finger on why. I am not sure if mine has just faded over time, or the fabric is slightly different. The sky was getting darker so I started running home, and when I was in the woods it absolutely bucketed it down- the trees offered a little shelter but not much. By the time I was out of the woods and in the fields, it had stopped raining so I think I had timed it pretty well.

Later in the day we headed into London to see the Foo Fighters. We ended up driving as the part of the train line we needed was closed for engineering works, and the drive took ages and we were at a standstill for so long. They were at the Olympic Park so we parked at Westfield. I was surprised at how busy it was there- we ended up getting a quick sandwich in Starbucks for dinner (and shared a Crosstown doughnut) and then had to make our way to the stadium.

Heading to the stadium, earplugs and crosstown

The concert was brilliant, and I tried out loop earplugs for the first time. I had begun noticing more ringing in my ears after going to see various bands, and when we saw Ash in that tiny venue we were so close to the speakers and I was actually a bit worried about causing damage. I was so impressed with how well they worked- at one point I inched them out a bit to hear the difference, and it really dulled the extra sounds so you could hear the actual music better.

Views from the concert- loved it!

So, that was parkrun number 364, and my 96th at Panshanger. That single-ton is getting closer!

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