Going green (nearly)

Well today I was meant to get onto my green level on Nike+ (which is 250km+). I measure my distance in miles and the last time I logged on it told me I had 2 miles to go. After a super efficient day at work J I went out for a 2.6 mile run, and logged on again, only to be told that I now have less than a mile to go. How does that work? I converted it over anyway and it appears that I need 0.2 miles to go. Seriously if I had realised I would have run up the street and back to get it- but by the time I had realised I had already had a shower and dinner so am not going out now. It’s annoying because I am not going for another run until Friday now, as I have aerobics and body pump Tues/ Thurs, and on Wednesday I am at work late. Anyway, my run was good. After work I had a Nak’d cocoa orange bar- those bars are amazing! Each time I have one I think I forget home good they taste, how moist they are and how they seem like such a treat. My run was nice and quick which was good as it is so muggy out there- I very much needed a shower once home!

Dinner was tasty- mexican bean wrap (kidney beans, onions, peppers, corn, tomato and chilli all mashed up in a wholemeal wrap and baked-mmmm) and a nice salad with flaxseed oil (am trying to concentrate on upping those omega 3’s- had some ground flaxseeds in yoghurt yesterday evening).

For a snack today I had half a punnet of a graze snack- this was brazils, dried cherries and dried mango. It said in the packet that 3 brazil nuts contains your rda of selenium. I looked this up and found that it is needed for your immune system and it is found in soils. I am sure before I read something about wheat, which said that when Europe used to import its’ flour from canada it was rich in selenium, but when it started getting it from elsewhere the selenium levels dropped which then impacted health. That may have been in my Felicity Lawrence book; Not On the Label . But I am not sure where I read it. I thought when I learnt about nutrition at school it was mostly found in meats and fish, and when I looked it up today the vast majority of selenium sources are meat or animal dessived (eg eggs, some cheeses). So this seems to me to be a great snack for a veggie! It was also delicious, and a nice balance between crunchy creamy nuts, and sweet and chewy dried fruit.

 That’s all folks!