Leavesden parkrun (again) for my Wilson Index

I gave the new event touring a rest to have a revisit to Leavesden Country parkrun. It’s a fairly local one to me (around 30 minutes) and a really nice route, plus handily as it is the newest event in Herts it’s good for those low Wilson Index numbers.

I was there fairly early so took the opportunity to head through the woods and admire the carvings, as on previous occasions I’ve been with my dad and we have tended to stay by the start/finish area. There are loads of amazing carvings- woodpeckers, owls, on signs as well as on benches.
After and before- I needed event 29 for my WI to go from 28 to 52.

This was event 29, the lowest number that I needed, and so it had been in my calendar for a while. You never know with cancellations if these event numbers need to get moved, but it was all fine and no cancellations meant that it was on for the week I’d originally planned.

I enjoyed the run- as mentioned previously it’s a 3 lap course, with each lap starting through woods and then finishing around fields. As they are varied, it doesn’t feel monotonous like a lapped course could. There is a narrow part where you see runners heading in the opposite direction, so you can’t overtake in that section, but it’s only a few metres long so there is no need to stress.

After running and scanning I headed to the cafe for breakfast. This parkrun has all the facilities right there- the parking is right by the start, as is the cafe. I popped back to my car to get a hoodie, and then joined the queue and was sat down by 9:45, with my tea and blueberry croissant. I even got to have some parkfaff, although not with parkrunners. After a while, the cafe was getting busy and so a couple of women asked if they could join me- we ended up chatting and it turned out their kids were doing gymnastics in the building nearby, but one of them was interested in parkrun but worried about running, so I explained to her about the tail walker and park walkers, and also junior parkrun as there is one in the same park. Hopefully she gets to one at some point.

I know that the Wilson Index does not appeal to all parkrunners, but I quite like having some of the choice made for me. After achieving the alphabet and my 250th run (and well on the way to 100 locations), it’s a long way to any other milestone, official or not. Where I live means I have lots of local parkruns to choose from- if Dad is about we will most likely do Jersey Farm, but if not I have lots to choose from and so having something like this to focus on means that some weeks my choice has been made. As someone who is not good at decision making, it helps a lot!

On the Sunday of that weekend we had a little day out in London planned. Off to see Six (tenuous link here as it’s to do with numbers?), dinner at Mildred’s and then to the Disney Wonder of Friendship exhibition.

Mildred’s dinner (Covent Garden location)- we shared the hummus to start and it was huge! Then we shared two mains so we could sample lots- these are the nachos hidden under all those pink pickled onions and salad! Plus lavender lemonade for me- I love floral drinks like rose or lavender and so this was perfect. Six was brilliant too- I didn’t look into it too much before we went, but I loved that the band were all female, and the six of them were pretty much on stage the entire show- very impressive.

The Disney Wonder of Friendship exhibition was quite fun too- you had a time slot to enter, and before each experience you were greeted by a cast member, who would explain how it worked. They were all interactive in different ways- the Lion King section had swings that you sat on and had to swing in time with the music, plus drums to play with, and the Lilo and Stitch area had wobbly surf boards to go on.

Another busy but fun weekend, and getting ready for my 99th venue for the coming weekend!

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