My race calendar

Here is a summary of all the races I have completed so far- I have added links to the reports if they are on here too:


February 2020

Brighton half marathon 2020


February 2019

Brighton half marathon 2019 – a warm weekend in Brighton 2:03:38

March 2019

Lee Valley half marathon 2019- aiming for 2 hours and not quite making it 2:02:00

May 2019

Bristol 10k- 56:40 for a really enjoyable race

July 2019

Ware 10 miles- one of my favourite races

September 2019

Great North Run 2:14:49  raising money for MND

November 2019

Disney Fall Feast 5k always so much fun to run at Disney!

Brighton 10K 55:18 any excuse for a weekend in Brighton

December 2019

Festive Five – fun with running friends


March 2018

Cambridge Half marathon 2:04:40 for a run after the snow

Lee Valley Runfest 10K (one lap of the half marathon course- pondering doing the half again next year) 56:23

May 2018

Hitchin 10K with my Dad 58:41

July 2018

Ware 10K- an old favourite but very very hot! 1:07:40

Panshanger Midsummer 5 mile with Dad 52:30

September 2018

New Forest 10K- running with Andy 58:42

October 2018

Wimpole Half marathon- really pretty up and down route 2:29:39

November 2018

Disney Wine and Dine 10K (in Florida- a few days after getting married and on our 20th anniversary! )

Brighton 10k-54:11 for a 10k pb!

December 2018

Festive 5- always a favourite of mine


February 2017

Brighton Half marathon- 2:03:23- but no t-shirt at the finish!

March 2017

Welwyn Half marathon- 2:11:18 Hooray for a technical t-shirt and more importantly pancakes for breakfast after

April 2017

Lea Valley Half marathon 2:17:42- a really special race to run with my Dad

May 2017

Wings for Life Run-Cambridge- 15.17km (when I was overtaken by the catcher car)

June 2017

London 10 Mile (Richmond Park) 1:47:00 With lots of deer spotting and a hipster smoothie after

July 2017

Ware 10K- My favourite cake race and it was too hot for cake this year!

Midsummer 5 miles (Panshanger) 49:37 (6 seconds quicker than last year!) With a mini frog

October 2017

Bright10 Brighton (10 miles) 1:35.14- my second fastest 10 mile run but sadly my post-race meal was scuppered by a power cut!


November 2017

Hertfordshire Half Marathon (Knebworth House) – not the most enjoyable race

December 2017

Festive Five- cancelled due to snow


January 2016

Fred Hughes 10 mile- 1:40:50– a last minute sign-up- round 2 recap here

London Winter Run 10K- 1:11:20– Running with a club mate here.

February 2016

2016-02-29 07.00.37

Brighton Half Marathon- 1:59:09!! New pb! Finally a sub 2 hour half here!

(Since then it has transpired that the course was a few metres short- if I had finished at my average speed it would have taken me an additional 49 seconds so I would have just managed the sub 2 hours, but it’s so annoying that it isn’t official.)

March 2016

Welwyn Garden City half marathon- Half marathon number 13- 2:18.50 and a fall

Beaconsfield 5 mile trail race- 68 minutes- should really have just watched

May 2016

Cakeathon!!!!! A half marathon on my birthday? Go on then….

July 2016

WR10K- A very hot 59.15 recap here.

Hatfield House Midsummer 5 miles 45.25 and some delicious flapjack

Ware 10 miles- 1.39.24 – always about the cake

Panshanger Midsummer 5 miles 49.43 at my favourite parkrun venue

September 2016

Disneyland Paris half marathon! Can’t remember the time but it was great fun!

October 2016

Herts 10K with my Dad 58.40 (aiming for under 60 minutes- brilliant!)

Bright10 1.39.48- plus some snowdog spotting

November 2016

Brighton Brooks 10k- Cancelled due to storm Angus

Hatfield 5- 43.58 new 5 mile PB!

December 2016


Festive 5- 45.55 In the middle of a long run

Buntingford 10 miles 1.41.07 Recap


January 2015

Fred Hughes 10 miles 1:37.41 Cold recap here.

February 2015

Brighton Half marathon 2:04:10! New pb! Slightly surprised recap here.

March 2015

Gade Valley 20 miles (chickened out and did 20 solo miles instead)

April 2015

Brighton Marathon- New pb of 4.53.24!!!! Epic recap here.


May 2015

Southampton 10k 58.26– Beat the Bridge recap here.

 June 2015

ZSL Whipsnade Stampede (10K) 59.19– Not- too realistic animal costumes please recap here

2015-06-07 10.44.47

St Albans Half Marathon 2:11:03– Ice lolly recap here.

July 2015

WR 10K- Official time 59.09 but I think that was the gun time- Garmin and Strava said 58:52/ 58:44recap here.

Ware 10 miles-1:37.4745th race recap here

August 2015

Honolulu Lea Lea Charity 5K- 31.03Hawaii 5-OH k recap here

October 2015

2015-10-03 15.44.25

Bournemouth 10K- 56.07– Supersonic recap here

Brighton Bright10 (10 miles)- 1.33.51– new pb and unflattering picture here!

November 2015

Nottingham 10K- 57:27 on a short course- more mud and a short course recap here

Brighton 10K- Rounding off a year of Brighton pb’s in style with 54:53! Recap of my 50th race here!

December 2015

Reindeer run (it’s really for children so I borrowed one!)

Reindeer run

Festive Five- 45.12– a last minute decision recap here.


March 2014

Bath Half marathon 2.06.58- new pbrecap here

March 2014

Sport Relief 6 miles- 56.07- Recap here

May 2014

Oslo Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon– cancelled boo!

June 2014

Ashridge Trail Half marathon– 2:42.17- Recap here.

July 2014


Women’s Running 10K Milton Keynes -59.19 Recap here.

September 2014

Baldock 10K- recap here. 1:01.23

October 2014

Ware 10 miles– Love this race! 1:36.12- 10 mile pb! Recap here.

15K Breakfast Run  1:30.41 Recap here

Poppy Run 5K (see here for a list as they are all over the country)- Recap here

November 2014

Brighton Brooks 10K 55.23 New PB! Seaside recap here.

Hatfield 5 miles 44.44 new pb! Recap here.


February 2013

Brighton Half Marathon- 2.12.47!!! Recap here.

May 2013

Wheathampstead 10K 1 hour and 34 seconds!

June 2013

St Albans Half marathon 2.10.09! Another pb!

July 2013

Lee Valley 10K (DNS as I was unwell)

National Lottery Anniversary 5 mile run (Back to the stadium recap) 48.19

October 2013

Blenheim Palace half marathon 2.16.38 Recap here.

Ware 10 miles 1.40.58 Muddy recap here

November 2013

Brighton 10K 56.14- new pb! Recap here.

December 2013

Jingle Bell Jog 5K Recap here!



February 2012

Brighton Half Marathon (DNS because of being ill)

March 2012

Silverstone Half Marathon (DNS because of being ill)

September 2012

Great North Run (half marathon)-2.27- race recap here

October 2012

Oxford Half Marathon- 2.20-race recap here


May 2011

South Cheshire 20 miles– Also here– 3.48.58- I was pleased to finish under the 4 hour cut off and that I managed to run the whole way.

Stockholm marathon. 5.21.59! I found it so hard- my legs were so stiff for some reason, but I ran all the way, and got in under the 6 hour cut off.


October 2011

Hatfield House 10k -66 mins-ish-You can see my race report here.

Great South run– 10 miles- 1hr 49.31-see my recap here.

November 2011

Robin Hood Adventure challenge (10K- 1.01.33))- see my recap here.


March 2010

Berkhamstead Half Marathon- 2.32.44 (some crazy steep hills but this was my first ever half marathon and I was so pleased to finish it, and run the whole way)

May 2010

Wheathampstead 10K– 1.03.55 (such a hot hot day)

June 2010

Race for Life 5k– 28.10 (I wanted to beat my previous 5k time)

St Albans Half Marathon– 2.19.17 (so a minute per mile faster than my first half)

October 2010

Herts 10K– 1.01.28 (I was really hoping for the hour mark, but there is always next time and it was still a PB)

November 2010

Autumn Challenge 5 Miles (cross country)- 52.00 (very hilly and very muddy and a lot of fun!)


May 2009

Wheathampstead 10K- 1.10.00

June 2009

Race for Life 5k- 35.00 (I ran with a friend who was new to running and although I felt I could go faster, we crossed the line together)

Local charity 5K- 35.00 (with the same friend again- this was a very hot day so we were amazed that we matched our time)

October 2009

Herts 10K- 1.05.44


June 2008

Race for Life 5K- 35.00 (The first time I ran without a walk break)


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9 thoughts on “My race calendar”

  1. Hi, wow, what inspirational race stories. A lot of the place names are v near me too, we could be neighbours! I need a kick up the bum to get running, u put me to shame! xxx

  2. So amazing to see all of your achievements like this on one page; it does 2 things for me, makes me realise that we need to remember how far we have come and what we have accomplished along the way … each race in itself a journey. Well done on all x

    1. I have a tendancy to forget these things too, so it is good to look back like you say. Although I am not good at updating these pages!

    1. Thanks! I love keeping a record of all the races I have completed- plus of course ones to look forward to!

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