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Since starting to parkrun in 2013, as well as enjoying the local parkruns, I have enjoyed visiting parkruns further afield.

Ringing the pb bell at Tring- my first visit there was set as a course pb so they told me it would count!

I tend to post about each new one I visit, so the links are (will be) included here. Ones I am planning on visiting won’t have links just yet. As I have been to some more than once I’ve put them in alphabetical and not chronological order. As I have been trying to complete all of the Hertfordshire ones I have put Herts by those ones to keep track.

Aldenham  Herts 30.41 16th overall, 4th lady

Andover 28.35 162/293

Barclay Herts (in Hoddeston) 30.00 40th overall, 17th lady

Brighton and Hove 27.43 270/461

Cassiobury Herts (Watford) 27.36 139/310

Castle Park Herts (Bishop’s Stortford)

Chippenham 31.19

Crissy Field (San Francisco) 27.45 16th overall, 4th lady (doesn’t count for the UK tourist table though)


Eastleigh 29.08

Edinburgh parkrun 28.01 278/480 70th lady

Ellenbrook Fields (my other local one) Hertshere is the link to the first time I ran there– fastest time 26.33

Forest Rec (in Nottingham) 29.11 120th overall, 26th lady

Gadebridge (in Hemel) Herts 31.20 65th overall, 12th lady

Harrogate 28.33 340, 81st lady

Hatfield Forest 29.44

Heartwood Forest (close to St Albans) Herts 29.09 77/108 21st lady

Hove Prom (two visits so far)- my fastest time 27.39




Linford Wood (Milton Keynes) 30.24 84th overall, 23rd lady

Maidstone 29.31 208/384 53rd lady



Panshanger Herts (my most local one now- that is a link to their first birthday as I can’t find the post about the first one)- fastest time 27.28

Portobello (Edinburgh) 28.06 155th overall, 49th lady

Preston Park 27.54 195th overall, 47th lady


Rickmansworth Herts 28.43 158th overall, 41st lady

South Oxhey Herts (near Watford)

Southampton 30.22 470th overall, 129th lady

St Albans Herts (my first post where my love of parkrun began)- fastest time 26.29

Stevenage Herts 29.04 112th overall, 14th lady

Swindon 28.04 178th overall, 33rd lady

Thetford 28.22 65th/173

Tring Herts 30.30 113th overall, 20th lady



Westmill Herts (close to Ware) 29.30 48/78, 2nd in my age cat, 17th lady

Wimbledon Common 27.46

Wimpole Estate (National Trust between Royston and Cambridge) 32.13 264th overall, 75th lady

Winchester 27.14 (216th overall, 43rd lady)





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