Back from holiday!

So I am back home again after a lovely holiday. We got back on Thursday and so I decided to go to body pump in the evening. Well after 2 weeks’ off it was pretty hard! I managed to keep the same weights as before I went away, but I was very shaky by the end, and yesterday I was so stiff. I had such a busy day (and we had torrential rain here) that I couldn’t fit a run in (a gentle one to stretch the legs) so I went out this morning instead. Before I left I could not find my Nike+ anywhere- (tidied away for holiday) after the third time of looking in the same drawer I found it, although while I was running I forgot to look at it at all.

I only ran for just under 3 miles, and there was some light rain but I don’t mind that. I have been caught before in torrential rain, and once in hail which was awful as I had to stop and cover my eyes as it stung so much. Light rain is fine as I always think it helps to cool me down, plus when I get home I get straight in the shower anyway. I just don’t like getting soggy shoes so I try to avoid the puddles.

For breakfast I had some bircher muesli. Once of the hotels we stayed in had the recipes printed out and rolled up for the guests to take away. So I tried it and it was delicious!

Last night in a bowl I put 20g oats, 10g raisins, 75g vanilla yoghurt, 50g milk and left it overnight. Then right beforeI ate it I finely chopped one apple and spinkled on some cinnamon and mixed it all in. I fancied a bit of crunch too so I added a fine sprinkling of Fru-grains. It made a pretty big bowl-ful and was super tasty. The recipe from the hotel also called for some sugar, but seeing as the yoghurt was sweet I didn’t think it needed any (it also called for half strawberry yoghurt and half apricot yoghurt but I had vanilla). The ratio was just right I think- sometimes oats can be a bit too thick, sometimes too watery but this was just right (I think that’s what Goldilocks said too!).

Now onto the garden!

When I got back there was the most enormous courgette on one of the plants- not quite a marrow yet but getting there. Have already had some. Also the pumpkin plant (which is rapidly taking over the garden) has a little pumpkin growing on it! I hope it doesn’t fall off. Plus there is a little butternut squash on one of those plants. Exciting stuff indeed, although with this rubbish weather I won’t be sitting out there much at the moment.

Although baking is a fab rainy day activity so will have to be getting on with that at some point.