Baking bonanza!

I fancied a day of baking today. I have already made some roasted vegetable pasta sauce (basically roast peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, little bit of olive oil and oregano, then blend it up once they are all caramelised- I freeze it in tubs so it lasts for ages), and some cranberry and orange bread that was on the side of a packet of Dove’s farm wholemeal bread flour. The bread is rising at the moment ready to go into the oven in a little while. It says that it can be frozen so I made it into two smaller loaves, and will pop one in the freezer as we won’t have it tomorrow.

This morning I was having a look at recipes on here: and took a shine to the spiced parsnip muffins;

.Except I really do not like parsnips! They are one vegetable I do not eat; even the thought of them to me is horrible. If they are in soup (even if they are the last ingredient in a lovely sounding sweet potato soup or something) I won’t eat it. Anyway so I have adapted the recipe slightly; I used carrots instead of parsnips, added some orange rind, orange juice instead of milk (because I had used the orange rind so had the juice spare), and wholegrain spelt flour because it’s my fave flour at the moment! Plus I had no ginger so I added a bit of mixed spice along with the cinnamon and ginger.

They have just come out of the oven and they smell so good! I am looking forward to one as an afternoon snack later on!

Gosh after my run yesterday I was wiped out for the evening! I didn’t do much at all (although I did manage to plant the potatoes) except watch TV. I did email Sainsbury’s about the palm oil in their peanut butter, but of course I haven’t heard back yet (well only one of the automated email messages).

To add to my baking bonanza I am going to make something for breakfast, either breakfast bars or some muesli. I do love a good baking day.

EDIT after a trip to the garden centre and some weeding I had a cup of tea (chai of course) with a carrot and apple muffin and I must say it was delicious! Maybe a bit too moist (but that could be down to converting from cups to grams) so next time I would have a little less liquid, but it was so tasty and also very filling- probably due to the dates, apples, carrots and wholegrain flour. Yum.