Chocolate hazelnut cupcakes

So after my lack of run yesterday I was missing the lake, so I went for a nice walk around the lakes this morning, but it was so hot! I tried to do some gardening but in the midday sun there is no shade- all I managed to do was pot on a new strawberry plant, plant some beans (something has eaten the other ones I planted) and pick some strawberries.
So today I have been inside, watching the grand prix, the football (yes it was a goal but Germany were the better team so I am not moaning!) and making some cupcakes. It has been ages since I made some, so I had a look in the Hummingbird Bakery book and decided to try out the chocolate hazelnut ones. Basically they are chocolate cupcakes, with icing made with nutella (or generic chocolate hazelnut spread). They are so good! I decorated them with some hazelnuts too, and tried to make the icing look all swirly. Took them around for family tea and they were enjoyed by all so I would recommend this recipe, yum.

I also made some more fake frozen yoghurt; this time I used 80g frozen mango chunks and mixed with a small pot of mango yoghurt- so yummy! It looks like frozen yoghurt and has the lovely thick texture of it. I think that vanilla soya desserts would also be good to mix in instead of yoghurt, so I might try that soon.