Sunday= cinnamon bun-day?

Well, normally I do baking on saturday, but I made soup yesterday, and then we went to the cinema in the early evening (Girl who played with fire) so there was no time!

Today I had a friend visiting (yay) and also cakes fto make or sunday tea, so I made some cinnamon buns.

They look a bit splodgy when waiting to go in the oven. It is such an old recipe from an old fashioned book called “Baking; A commensense guide” which I find is such a funny title!

Of course baking these is commensense!

Anyway, the recipe used normal flour, not bread flour, so I used wholegrain spelt. I also left out the raisins as they always burn.

Here they are with some icing on:

(Some were already packed up for sunday tea).

Well I think they were pretty tasty, and so did all who tried them so I will have to remember that recipe for when I next have a cinnamon craving! Of course they will go perfect with a cup of chai 🙂

Aside from that, I spent the first half of the day catching up with my friend about our holidays, jobs and lives which is always good, and then the rest round the family for sunday tea.

Now it is truly back to reality as at work the children start tomorrow- I wonder how many names I will be able to remember by the end of the day!

Night 🙂

PS thanks to Laura for answering my running questions!