More bean burgers!

Evening all!

Today was a long run day, and due to 2 classes at the gym, the wasted journey that we shall not speak of, and the awful weather it was my first run since monday- shocking!

I had some rude health porridge (yummy) and then sat around for ages reading blogs and updating on here. I have added a page all about how I came to start running here – if you are thinking of taking up running then have a read, I am hoping it will encourage people to start. I was never on the cross country team for sure!

Anyway, I wrapped up warm- big mistake. I had on my running tights

(their first outing how exciting!- before these I have ronhill tracksters- they are running fabric but bootcut so a little more flattering, but also they drag in puddles and get heavy when wet, and also let the cold air up) and also one of my lovely craft tops (the black one)

In fact Andy told me I looked like catwomen which I am taking as a compliment and thinking no more about it! I also had on my jacket, which is very light, shower proof, but adds an extra layer.

After ten minutes I was boiling and had to tie it around my waist. I never mind running with stuff tied around me, but as it is shiny fabric the knot kept working undone so I kept having to re-tie. Anyway, when I started I felt a little niggle in my left leg, but I kept on and it felt ok. I enjoyed the run (9.6 miles) but it felt much harder than the same route last week. During the last mile the pain in my leg suddenly got quite bad, in fact really painful when I lifted my leg. I have never had this pain before, but it is on the inside front thigh at the top, so possibly is that the groin? I only know the major muscles haha! Anyway getting upstairs once home was rather painful 🙁

But I walked around a lot, stretched and re-fuelled before my shower;

Coconut water with mango (yum) and a clif bar (double yum). We had run out of milk, and oat milk, so no nesquick for me.

I have spent the day pottering around the shops, in the garden for a bit (my little pumpkin is turning yellow in places eeeee! and my apples will be ready soon too!) and lounging around watching TV. My leg is less stiff now but still feels a bit sore when I move.

Then this evening I made some more bean burgers. In them was 1 drained tin of black eyed beans, one small drained tin of kidney beans, 1tsp garlic puree, 1tbs sundried tomato paste, 1tsp lazy chilli, a big sprinkle of paprika and a little sprinkle of chilli powder, 2tbs water, about 30g wheat gluten, and 20g quinoa flakes. I mashed it all up (I used the mini chopper for a bit- hooray for the return of the mini chopper), rolled it into balls and baked in the oven for 30 minutes. I had some for dinner with half a massive baked sweet potato (that is online shopping for you!) with cream cheese, and some spinach, courgette and tomatoes, and also a blob of caramelised onion chutney. Delish.

I am really pleased with the recipe. These were spicier than the last ones, in a good way as they had more flavour. The texture was lovely- they were not too crunchy, not too squishy; nice and firm and were super filling. The only annoying thing was that the recipe made 11, so I can’t share them out evenly between meals, which is what I like to do! Three was plenty, especially with the potato as well. I was very hungry though, which is strange as the last few long runs I have done, I have felt hungry, but not starving like I felt today. Perhaps I have eaten less- I had some squash soup (which when I worked out the recipe on WLR is about 80 cals per portion), one slice of wholemeal toast with sunflower seed butter, an apple, and a half a bar of conscious chocolate. Later on I had some so crispy bites, but according to my diary on WLR I still have over 500 calories left (this took dinner into account), so no wonder I was hungry really.

I have a lot of friends turning 30 at the moment (trying to forget it will be me next year!)- I keep telling them 30 is the new 20 anyway. I think I am much more confident now, and much happier than I was when I was 20, so thinking of the positives of growing older- what can I say to my friends when they turn 30? What gets better as you get older? And better than that, what did/ will you do to celebrate your 30th? (One friend is off to vegas for hers which would be amazing!).

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

Close encounters of the bird kind (more on that story later)…..

So today I had breakfast (hooray I remembered a banana this week) and then made some dough for later. I had planned a new route which I really enjoyed (although I was nervous about getting lost silly me). The route was half of my old loop, then back near my house, off in the other direction to some lakes (where my race for life will be), a figure of 8 around the lakes, then back home. Just over 11 miles in 2 hours, so I was pretty slow going today. I felt tired and as it was hotter than it has been I took it easy and didn’t push myself. I decided that completing the distance was my goal. The Nike+ worked well (and I now have a medal on the profile as I did 6 runs in 2 weeks) but when I looked at the end my speed massively dropped! I was so tired and heading into the wind so not a good combo!

So the birds. Well running around lakes full of geese is maybe on reflection not such a good idea when they all have goslings! I was running around the lake and it was deserted, except for 3 geese and a gaggle of goslings. They were making their way across the path and out of my way, so I slowed down, but then they turned and went back on the path. I slowed down even more but then they started coming towards me, I even pointed to say “I want to go that way” but that didn’t help either! In the end I ran right off the path nearly into the bushes (it was either that or the lake) and managed to avoid them- phew.

I had some Nak’d Pineapple raisins on my run for a little sugar boost about half an hour from the end. They were tasty too, they did taste of pineapple, not quite like dried pineapple and were a welcome refreshing taste after all the running.

When I got home I tried some coconut water; I saw it in Holland and Barrett last week, according to the packet it has more potassium than sports drinks, plus electrolytes and things. It didn’t really taste like coconut though! I suppose for 19 cals per 100ml it would not have much flavour, but I did expect a hint. Anyway it did help to hydrate me, but the dreaded headache came back, although that could be to do with sitting at the computer all afternoon writing reports.

For lunch I had tasty flatbread with caramelised onion chutney and goats cheese- this week I cooked it for a little less time (17 instead of the 20 minutes) and I much preferred it- the bread stayed softer and less crunchy. I also had pouring yoghurt and apple topped with some pecan and treacle granola- SO tasty! I am loving the combo of yoghurt with some sort of crunchy topping, and so much better for you than a muller corner (those things are packed with sugar!). Plus miles tastier.

Mid-afternoon I had an Organic 9bar which was lovely! The thing is because I am having them all far apart from each other I can’t decide on my fave. This bar was also chewy, the carob topping was tasty (I cant tell it apart from chocolate) and the seeds make me feel virtuous! I had it with………

Cinnamon Chai! One of my birthday prezzies and the first time I tried it! It is so delicious! Like drinking cinnamon (surprise there), quite a sweet aftertaste but lovely and spicy. I love cinnamon!

I have spent the afternoon working, and am going to make some oatmeal raisin cookies now as my treat to myself, so I will put the photos and reviews on later or tomorrow.