Intervals bleurgh

I used my foam roller yesterday, because as the day wore on I got more and more stiff. I watched the video (thanks for the links) and managed it all except for the IT band stretch. For some reason I was not balancing it right. I thought that it would hurt my hamstrings the most, as they always get so stiff, but actually it was most painful on my quads- weird. Really painful!

Onto today;

I am not a fan of intervals. I do not think I am build for speed- I am built to plod very slowly. Now I do try to tell myself that I feel good after (and sometimes, well, most times I do) and that it is like when I started running, where I did intervals of walking and running. Back then, I liked the walking and didn’t like the running. Now, I like the recovery bit but not the fast bit! But I know they are good for me to get me used to running different speeds, and to hopefully help me speed up as well as numerous other reasons. So I went out and did them.

Today after work I had an apple (possible mistake) and a seed stacked bar (my last one- sniff), and then headed home for a quick change. I was good and even got my running clothes out ready this morning, as I am likely to wander around at home, slowly gathering all my bits, maybe tidying up a bit as I go, basically procrastinating. So I was out the door after around 5 minutes of being home. Possible mistake number 2. My plan (the masterplan is complete by the way and I had bad dreams last night as near the end I have some 8-10 mile runs that need to be done midweek and so I dreamt about those) was for 3.5 miles- I am easing myself in gently. 1 mile warm up, 1.5 miles of intervals of faster (not sprinting) running, around 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, then another mile to cool down. I felt fine, but then after about 2 miles I started getting weird stomach pains. I had to stop a few times as my legs felt all wobbly too. In the end I got home, but I abandoned the last few intervals in favour of jogging home in pain. It was so strange as it has gone now. I was pretty thirsty and think it could be because I did not drink enough yesterday. During the week I have a real routine of water with breakfast, water at work, rooibos tea at work, water when I get home, tea with dinner, water in the evening, and maybe more rooibos tea, and on my long run day I have water before I go, take some with me, have a drink once I get back and drink all afternoon. But on sundays I am terrible! I have breakfast later so I don’t have water until later, then I am busy and am out so I don’t get around to it. Anyway, it could have been that. It also could have been the apple as I normally have them after my run. When I first started running I could not eat anything before a run (not even porridge until recently), and it has taken me a long time to train my stomach. So it could have been this. I also did not go to the toilet before I went out (sorry if that is too much info) because I was in a hurry, and I normally go before my runs just in case.

Anyway, after coming home, having some water (and going to the toilet) and having some dinner, I feel fine.

I might try the foam roller again later- I think I need to get into the habit of using it.

Anyone love intervals? Or hate them? Perhaps they are like marmite. Although, for marmite, I am in the camp of quite liking it, going against the whole campaign!

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10 thoughts on “Intervals bleurgh”

  1. Glad your tummys feeling better now. Running does some strange things to your guts! I can only eat a tiny amount before running or working out as food just sits in my stomach like a rock. I think I’m like you, I do prefer running at a steady (and slow!) pace but I force myself to do some speed intervals!

  2. I rarely look forward to intervals and they’re undeniably tough, but when I get half way through they can be quite exhilarating. Running at sustained speed is fun. For an old duffer like me it makes me feel vaguely young again!

    Stomach could have been one of many things – hydration, food or just one of those days.

  3. I never do intervals, simply because I prefer not to overthink running…I’d rather just run and rarely do speedwork. It’s more intuitive for me and adhering to a training plan/intervals etc. just sucks all the fun out of it! I prefer to do cardio intervals in my spin classes, as there’s the added benefit of the instructor there to really push our heart rates to the max.

    Not ‘going’ before I run gives me awful cramps too ~ I think that’s the most likely cause? Also apples are quite hard to digest (I’ve had problems when I eat them before spin) so that could also be an added factor. Don’t worry about it being embarrassing to talk about tum troubles ~ after my post I don’t think anyone could be bothered by anything you write! And it’s something that is an integral part of running performance, every bit as much as a tight IT band or pulled hamstring.

    Foam rollers kill my quads too, and don’t seem to bother my hamstrings…it’s certainly odd, since the latter are usually tighter than the former.

  4. Laura- snap on the gentle running! Since starting I can eat much more before a run than a used to (a bigger variety) but there are still things that are a no-no.
    Jemma- thanks-you are right intervals are certainly challenging.
    Rob- I do sometimes get that feeling of exhilaration, and after an interval session I do feel good as it really gets the heart pumping. But it was one of those days yesterday.
    Jessica- you are so speedy already!As for the foam roller, that is weird that you find that too. Maybe it is the shape of the muscles or something? And as for the issues, I will be avoiding apples, drinking enough and going to the toilet before my runs from now on! Lesson learnt.
    Emma- it is such an individual thing as to what people can and can’t eat before running it seems. 🙂

  5. I’m an inbetweener….. I absolutely HATE intervals whilst I am doing them and always have to talk myself into doing them all BUT when I’ve finished I feel really exhilerated and almost (only almost) look forward to the next session…until it happens!

    The foam rollering does hurt..that’s how you know it’s working. If you do it on a rare day when you don’t have any aches and pains then you will find that it doesn’t hurt at all!

    I’m just like you on the tummy front. Have to plan a loo stop just before a run or I have problems. I find I can ‘help’ that by having a strong coffee at just the right time! (read lots of strong coffees on race mornings…)


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