Worn out

Evening all

I am totally worn out today. I did have a very busy day at work, tiring and sort of emotional too, and I got home later than I had planned. I was supposed to do a 6 mile run with some faster miles in the middle, but I was so tired that on my way home I decided on 6 steady miles. I rushed to get ready (I do leave my running clothes out before I leave for work so I can change quickly) and by the time I headed out I had talked myself into cutting it down to 4 miles. In the end I did 5 miles, but I felt like I was running through treacle. My pace was around 10.30 per mile, so not too bad, but for a short run I could normally up it for a bit in the middle. No such luck today. It was really windy which didn’t help. I did listen to an old Ricky Gervais podcast (from the old Xfm days) and at points I was actually laughing out loud as I ran- must have looked a bit loopy.

Home for a quick shower, and I did not bother washing my hair. Shock. I did use some dry shampoo (I am not totally gross) and I will wash it after body pump tomorrow I promise. It feels alright now, and it meant that I could have my dinner much sooner. Some yummy pumpkin tofu pasta with some beetroot, green beans and a pickled onion helped to give me a little bit of energy!

I was fuelled alright for my run;

But I was so busy I did not have any tea this morning at work (normally I have a big cup of rooibos tea) so although I drank all my water, I had not had as much liquid as usual. I really think that the busy day at work was draining, and although some days a run will be refreshing and really help, today it just sapped my energy even more. It is annoying me that I didn’t make the mileage on my training plan (I know it’s only a mile etc etc) but I am sure that one extra mile would have tired me out even more and not done much good.

But now to relax 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Worn out”

  1. Don’t worry about it- like you said, it was only one mile less, and the important thing was that you got out there! Those runs just happen sometimes so I wouldn’t worry 🙂

    And: “I did not bother washing my hair. Shock” <—- Seriously, story of my life! 😛

    1. Thanks- I am trying to think of it that way even though it has annoyed me!
      I thought I would see how the non hair washing would go- hopefully I wont scare the children tomorrow haha!

  2. Oh no, why such a tough day? I hope nothing a good night’s sleep and a bit of extra rest won’t fix. And like Emma says, a mile short is nothing to worry. It sounds like you did well to just get out this evening.

    Oh, and if you want shock, I went to the gym last night and then didn’t shower until this morning. I travelled home in my kit and got back late, so I just collapsed into bed. Gross, I know. But I sleep alone, and there have to be *some* benefits to that! 😀

  3. Whoa, don’t be so hard on yourself! One mile makes NO difference to your performance and most people would have given up on the run entirely if they were as worn out, exhausted and drained as you clearly were. Don’t belittle your dedication. It was ruthlessly windy here this morning too and I really struggled, and that’s without all of the work stress you have to cope with. Never underestimate the impact of busy work days on training. You’re a tough cookie and don’t you forget it 🙂

    Yep, I am a serial non-hair-washer too. I most certainly do shower/bath though 😉


  4. Thanks guys
    Alison- the day was non stop (ten minuites to eat much sandwich) loads of meetings, a few unexpected issues that I had to deal with,, a few draining meetings… I am fine but I was exhausted. And also, at least you didnt sleep in your gym gear!
    Thanks Jessica- I do know that in the long run it wont make a difference, but I do like to tick things off my list! 🙂
    Alyssa- yes I love dry shampoo- so clever!

  5. Really well done on getting yourself out of the door in the first place. That’s the hardest bit when you don’t feel at all like it.

    (erm…I often don’t wash mine if I know it’s going to end up in the same state the day after….being able to scrape it into a pony tail is a huge advantage!)


  6. Hey we’ve all had days like that. At least you ran, 1 mile makes no difference in the long run! Good on ya for still getting out there, that’s what really matters!

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