Busy in the kitchen

I spent a lovely few hours doing some cooking today- not sure how it will all fit in the freezer! I made some lentil and cannelini bean chilli (whoops no more kidney beans but I am sure they will be just as tasty), some roasted vegetable sauce for pasta, and some bean and veggie wraps (plus roasted some pepper for lunch in the week). Phew!

Yesterday I made some cowboy cookies from the Vegan cookie book.

Yum. These are oatmeal cookies with some coconut and chocolate chips. They were supposed to have pecans in them too, but I didn’t have any so I just left them out. I have not had one yet but Andy approves. I am loving this book 🙂

Today began with some pb&j porridge (well kind of, oats with dried cherries, pb and cinnamon);

Yummy 🙂 But the cherries kept floating to the bottom when I was trying to take the picture!

Now onto the review of the week.

This week again has been very positive. After the 13 miles last weekend I was apprehensive about being tired or stiff for my midweek runs, but they all went fine.

Monday- 8 miles- did over 7.5 miles in the end (in the rain)

Tuesday- Aerobics- a better snack before I went helped me keep my energy levels up.

Wednesday- 6 mile run- done and in the beautiful evening sunlight to begin with.

Thursday- Body pump- back to my highest weights.

Friday- Good old rest day.

Saturday- 14 mile run (a little over 14 miles I think)- last 4 miles were really hard work but they are done with now.

Sunday- another lovely rest day. I had stiff legs this morning but as the day has gone on they have continued to feel better.

Total- 28 miles give or take a little bit. Again the most miles so far, but only a little step up from last week. I managed it and am feeling like I am getting better at this anyway!

Some snacks I enjoyed this week;

Oatcakes with pb and choc pb, cherries and possibly teapigs chocolate tea.

Cherry and coconut cereal with vanilla alpro.

And the king– rice pudding with cooked nectarine, chocolate chips and pb.

Also, we have signed up for the 20 mile run. It is organised by the south cheshire harriers, and had some good reviews from last year. Although mp3 players are not allowed- hopefully the scenery will take my mind off my awful breathing! I do need to get used to running without it I suppose, as it seems that more and more races are banning them. The Berkhamsted half marathon which I did last year has banned them for this year, when last year they were allowed. I always keep mine turned down low- I can hear my footsteps etc, but I suppose some people have it way too loud and it is not safe on open roads if there is no pavement or whatever. Anyway, I will have to run 5 miles per hour to keep within the time limit (not sure what happens if I miss the cut off- perhaps my race number self distructs?), and although it says the course is pretty hilly, I am going to think positive.

So I will leave you all on this positive note and with a random question- what have you achieved that you never thought was possible?

I never even thought I would be able to run a 5k (which is why I kept it as a secret) and even when I did that, I then secretly signed up for a 10k as again I doubted myself. I am trying to change my perception of myself, as I was never sporty, always got the leftovers at sports day and so on, and I still feel now that when I am out running people are looking at me and wondering what I am doing. Which is silly, but it seems my brain is taking a long time catching up with me legs!

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12 thoughts on “Busy in the kitchen”

  1. I suppose a couple of years ago, I’d never have thought I’d have got the job I really wanted and love it – does that count?!
    Maybe the race organisers should compromise and allow iPods if you only use one earphone?!

  2. I’m not entirely sure I’d like to run a race without my headphones, I have rather sever tinnitus in my right ear and not as bad in the left so I hardly hear anything anyways, my music distracts me from my tinnitus (its one of the reasons I like to run), I think i’m actually more focused on my surrounding with them than without.
    Having said that I can understand why some races ban them if they are on open roads, a closed off course or off road course would just peeve me.

  3. I feel exactly the same about my fitness – I was always the least fit person in my school and I see myself like that sometimes.
    Some great looking cookies btw!

  4. I’m exactly like you in that I was never ever ‘sporty’ so still can’t actually believe that I’m a ‘runner’. Completing that first 5k was a great feeling and I’ll never forget my first 10k……still feel emotional about it now!

    Shouldn’t read your posts before bedtime as they always make me peckish!


  5. I think my running comes under the same category as yours: I was always picked last for everything too. We’ll just have to show those nasty ‘cool’ kids who’s boss now, won’t we? I also didn’t think I’d ever get my Masters because of my social anxiety disorder, so speaking at a symposium last year was a huge step for me.

    I snorted with laughter into my tea when I read about your race number self-destructing! Lots of Python-esque images come to mind…

    Another fab week of training!


  6. Thanks guys:)
    Jessica- I have all sorts of ideas as to what they will do at the 4 hour limit- sweep the course with a snow-plough, some sort of ejector button things for the roads….
    And well done on the speaking at your symposium- it goes to show that if we put our minds to things we can achieve them.
    Eleanor- that certainly counts and well done 🙂
    Lara- If it was a closed course I would be annoyed, but I think it is on country roads so I can understand for safety why they say no to earphones.
    Sarah/ Rose- it is hard to change the perception of yourselves, but it is funny as when I read your blogs that thought would not cross my mind!

  7. I never dreamed I’d be able to complete the Great North run, so be able to lose weight and get down to the size that I am. I was always fat and unhealthy as a kid and teenager to be able to do the things I do now is crazy! Congrats on your great week, you mileage is amazing!

  8. “not sure what happens if I miss the cut off- perhaps my race number self destructs?” That really made me laugh 😀

    I think a 20 mile race is a great idea in the runup to a marathon. And the fact that you have to run without music will be great training — it’ll make the marathon itself seem so much easier (haha!)

    Good work on the weekly mileage too. I’m glad you seem to be completely over the illness now 🙂

  9. I ran a 10k yesterday and I forgot my Ipod, it was like running without my left leg, it is ridiculous how attached you become to something, but I am convinced I run better with it than without it!

  10. It will be good for me to run without it- after all I dont actually know if I can have one for the actual marathon- its not on the website or anything but you never know ! Plus it might make me focus more and not drift off (attention wise).
    Laura- well done on those achievements- it is good to reflect and see what you have achieved 🙂

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