Accepting what you have got


I think often we are all good at dishing out advice, but not following it ourselves. During my trip away I caught myself in that very situation. I will explain. One of my friends has a lovely figure (actually, they all do!)- full in the bust, quite curvy and looks amazing in fitted dresses etc. We were shopping and she kept on picking up big tops and skinny jeans and going to another friend (who is very very slim and was rocking the skinny jeans look) “I wish I had the figure to wear skinny jeans and tops like you”. I said to her “you have a lovely figure, you should love what you have as I bet there are loads of people out there who would love to look amazing in those dresses like you do” and she admitted I was right. I was impressed with my attitude, but really, that was not my attitude. I too was wishing I could wear skinny jeans, but they do not suit me!

I also have been guilty before of trying on clothes, they don’t suit me, and so then I get a little fed up about my figure. This time I tried on loads of clothes in one shop, and guess what. Some of them fitted and looked good. Some fitted and did not look good. Some of them didn’t fit. What did I learn? Clothes flatter different people. And my ultra slim friend tried on some of the same clothes as me (well, in a different size) but some of them did not suit her. So I decided that I am going to try and make sure that I accept what I have. Last week I had a little crisis of confidence when shopping for swim stuff (we are going to Discovery Cove and so need swimwear for the day), but after this trip I went home, tried on the stuff I have and decided that it looks fine. I have decided that I want to enjoy my holiday, and that I should take my own advice and accept myself. So that is what I am going to (try to) do. I hope you are all with me??

Back to general stuff- last night I went to body pump and decided to have some heavier dumbells for the shoulders track. I typically find it really hard, but this track the moves seem to be split more and I have found it a little easier, so I went for 3kg instead of 2kg for each arm (yeah, not heavy I know!) and I was prepared to swap back half way through to the lighter weights, but I managed it all the way through 🙂 This morning I had a 10 mile run. I got very hot and felt like I was going super slow, but in fact I was a minute faster than last week. Still a few minutes slower than my fastest time but not bad.

I have been packing today (not taking any running stuff with me) and am getting excited! All going well this time tomorrow we will be driving down to Key West! Whoopie I love holidays!

I think we have internet access in some places so I might manage a few little updates.  So have a fab few weeks, and (Florida style) see you later, alligators 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Accepting what you have got”

  1. I used to let dressing rooms and certain clothes (fitting or not) affect my mood. Then I stopped when I realized that everyone will have flattering and unflattering options. It is just what it is!!!

  2. Totally agree – dressing for your figure is not always perhaps the “funnest” way to shop, when you’re looking to fit into the latest trend, but it’s so much more flattering and fabulous 🙂 Great message.

  3. Wow, I really hope that approach sticks: I still can’t even look in changing room mirrors and shopping for a swimsuit…err, I just let my Mum pick one out for me and tell her to get the baggiest size possible that’s not so big that everything ‘falls out’ as it were.

    You do look lovely to me: it’s just a shame that we can never see this in ourselves.

    Have a fab time!


  4. Wow, have a brilliant time, really exciting!
    You’re so right too, everyone looks better in different things and probably the person who looks great in skinny jeans is wishing she could look as good in something else as you do… sounds like you’ve got the attitude perfect and are going to enjoy what you’ve got and have a great holiday – perfect 🙂

  5. This is a great post, well done for taking your own advice and for supporting your friend 🙂
    I have two strategies for shopping: If i’m with my friends then i only try on what i know will suit me. That way I don’t start to feel bad in front of them and it stops me comparing myself. If i’m alone then i try on tons and tons of stuff just in case anything surprises me and if i start to feel rubbish i can just go home and nobody needs to know. Kind of pathetic? Maybe, but it works!

  6. Love the attitude! I tried to take that attitude with me on holiday and it worked I think partly cause everyone else seemed to have such a care free attitude it rubbed off! Plus who wants to worry about their swimwear when they have a holiday to enjoy!

  7. Fantastic post! I don’t go shopping very often with friends, it’s just not the sort of thing that we tend to do together. I usually go shopping with my Mum – she’s honest, but sensitive at the same time, plus she sometimes pays 🙂
    I think accepting your own body is the most important thing, even if you want tighter abs, a smaller bum etc etc, there is no point in beating yourself up about your body.

  8. I guess the grass is always greener eh? I always envied my friend being tall and slim, but she says she envies my bigger bust, being petite, and my more ‘womanly’ figure, compared to her ‘boyish’ one. We really do just have to learn to deal with and appreciate what we have!

  9. I think clothes shopping can be a bit of a nightmare no matter what figure you have, and it’s posts like this that remind me that just because a pair of jeans didn’t look good in one shop, it doesn’t mean I can bash my body.
    I hope you have an amazing holiday, can’t wait to see the pictures!

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