Tea flowers!

Hey peeps! Where has the week gone??
Before Christmas I bought some little tea flowers from Ikea. I finally got around to trying them out this week!

I used some of the posh tea I bought at the Cake and Bake show- anyway the flower floated about a bit an infused really well, plus it was very easy to snap open to clean the tea leaves out after. Plus it is so pretty!

On Sunday I was up early doing work- I had a mint tea but was so busy that about 3 hours passed before I realised I had not had breakfast. I fancied pumpkin pancakes but couldn’t be bothered to wait for each one to cook, so I cooked all the batter in one for a super pancake. The problem was it was so thick it took ages to cook- I am sure it would have been quicker to just cook in batches!

On Monday I was planning on going for a run, but I left work later than I had planned, and it the rain was torrential (plus I had a big pile of marking)- I don’t mind running in the rain but had so much to do, so I did some of the yoga DVD again, did some marking while dinner cooked and felt much less stressed.

We had some sweet potato chilli in the freezer, so we heated it back up and I had mine with a gorgeous avocado. So tasty.

Yesterday the weather was much better so when I got home I headed out on a run. I have a 3.5 mile route so went for that. I didn’t want to go out too fast (although I was tempted) but I was pleased I managed to keep it steady, and ended up being just over 10 min miles for the average (including stopping to cross roads)- much better.

I am not going to Sweatshop tonight, but think I will go next week if I have another week of feeling fine.

We are making the most of a run-free evening by heading to the cinema later.

How do you relax/ de-stress? I found the yoga DVD good partly because it is not too long- the section I did was around 20/25 minutes- any longer and my mind would start thinking about what else I need to do once it finishes.

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18 thoughts on “Tea flowers!”

  1. I really like yoga for relaxing or destressing. I also like to read or craft – it depends on my mood and concentration levels (especially as I am reading A Storm of Swords and I am finding it tough going at the moment).

    Great pace for your run! 🙂

  2. tea flowers? intriguing!
    I relax when I get home from work with either my book (game of thrones!) or blogs, a coffee and a snack 🙂 apple and pb preferably! well done with all your running!

    1. I know I used to do the 30 day shred a bit but after a while I would start looking around the living room thinking about what needed to be tidied up and things.

  3. Those tea flowers are very cute!
    Running tends to be my de-stress. I used to love my Friday after work runs after a stressful week. However, they needed to be short, snappy runs otherwise I would be like you and running through to-do lists in my head!

  4. Reading is the way I relax. Just getting lost in someone else’s life is perfect. I’ve started Pilates again and that’s brilliant. I did it Friday morning at the gym before work and I was so chilled. Perfect way to start the day.

  5. I need some of those tea flowers – what a great idea, and so cute! I also second the meditation app that Laura mentions, it’s a great help to me. Also taking some time for myself in terms of doing little things that I love – going to bed earlier to read a few pages of a book, doing some stretching/yoga, even drinking a yummy cup of tea in silence!

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