Jantastic week 7 (first joker played)

Hey folks

This might be my quickest review yet.

Monday- Rest day (recovering from the 12 miles the day before). I did yoga when I first woke up to help with the stiffness, and then did a lot of cleaning and jobs at home. In the evening we went into London to see The Book of Mormen (Andy got it for us for Christmas)- it was very funny.

Tuesday- 5 mile run (recap here).

Wednesday- We went to Italy. We flew to Naples and then got a bus to Sorrento, where we stayed. By the time we arrived it was late afternoon so we just walked around the town a bit.

Thursday- Went to Pompei- walked for hours. Literally I think 5 hours. But no running.

Friday- Went to Herculanium. Had a little detour on the way as we forgot the instructions ( they said walk downhill from the train station, we walked uphill), and more walking around the site.

Saturday- got a bus to Amalfi- further along the coast. Not much walking here.

Sunday- Came home. I did have to run a bit here, because we had to catch the airport bus at 8.30, and so we checked out at around 8.15, only there was no-one on the desk, so Andy went with the case to the station, and I waited, then ended up running up 4 flights of stairs (big marble stairs) to the breakfast room where I knew a member of staff would be, and then I had to run from our hotel to the station. But this was not a mile so it does not count! I was going to have a run when we got home, but our flight was late (we had to get a bus out to the plane, and they were in no hurry organising them)- we had to circle over Brighton for a while. Also we were going to buy lunch at the airport, but had no cash left and no-where took cards. Never mind, we will buy something on the plane, we thought. But the only veggie option was an egg sandwich (not appealing to me at all) so that was a no. In the end Andy waited for the bag while I went to M&S in the airport to get us a late lunch (this was about 4pm- which I think it 5pm CET?) After landing late, the bags took ages and so in the end we got home just before 6, and the last thing I fancied was going out on a run.

So I played my joker. That is worth 50% of your runs, but as I have chosen 3 I was not sure if I would get 1 or 2, but it seems like it counted for 2.

I am looking forward to this week though, especially the Bath half on Sunday.

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11 thoughts on “Jantastic week 7 (first joker played)”

  1. Sounds like a super busy week! Why does half term always go by so fast?!
    We’re off to Italy on our honeymoon in August and hoping to plan some day trips soon. Anything you would suggest?…

    1. Well it depends whereabouts you will be- Sorrento was very pretty but quite small- trips to Pompei and Herculanium were easy- 45 mins – 60 mins on the train (2 Euros each way= bargain). I think Rome was a couple of hours away from there. We have been to Lake Como before which is just gorgeous- the best part of Italy in my opinion- that is nearer to Milan/ Venice which would be good trip options too ?

      1. Sorrento is where we will be based. Pompeii is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go since studying it at primary school. We’d love to see some of the lakes as well. Have been oogling the pics this week! Sounds like travel is very cheap! 🙂

        1. Well yes def go to Pompeii- Sorrento is very small so you could probably walk to the station from wherever you are. The train line goes to Pompeii and yes it was very cheap. Herculanium was great too. There is meant to be a good museum in Naples but that was a bit further and we didn’t fancy it. You can also get boats out to Capri which looks very pretty- you will have an amazing time!

  2. Sounds like a great trip to Italy. Looking forward to hearing about it. You guys are so cultural. I wish I could persuade Ben to do more stuff like that!
    But yeah I definitely wouldn’t have managed a run after all that as well. How stressful. And why is the food on plane so rubbish?

    1. Well it was easyjet after all!!
      We do like our sigjtseeing trips it has been on Andy’s list for years so it was great to finally go 🙂

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