Jantastic week 10

Double figures! Amazing!

I do love challenges like this as they really show how far you have come- at the start 3 months seemed a long time but it really is flying by.

So, how did this week go? I am having trouble remembering!

Monday- Went for a sports massage after work- a lot of work on my shoulder which really helped.

Tuesday- Short run after work around the little fields near me and up and down a little lane. I found it really tough, my calves were so tight but I did remind myself that after a hard race it takes one day per mile to recover, so in theory I would need 13 days after Bath before being back to normal again.

Wednesday- The Hill with Sweatshop, plus an extra sprint when someone took a wrong turning! I was pleased that I found it much better than the day before, and managed over 5 miles which is not bad for an evening after work.

Thursday- Pump. Why do the lunges never get any easier? I ended up with a sore shoulder that evening, which I think was from lifting a table at work (not recommended) and not pump at all.

I was sent some of these patches to try so on Friday I wore one of the heat ones (they are unscented which is good)- it did help and my shoulder was loads better. I will do a more detailed review at some point.

Friday- Went to see my Nan after work, then just chilled out all evening.

Saturday- I had decided to go to parkrun as I had not been in weeks, but I also knew I had pledged 6 miles. Neither my Dad or brother were going which made my decision easier; I went and did the off road route which was great. There is a little hill (and you repeat the loop 3 times) and there was the most enthusiastic marshal at the top of the hill EVER! I love her! She was cheering everyone up, shouting out motivating words, and generally being a beacon of cheerfulness at the top of the hill.

Then I got my chip scanned (in super quick time), got my mp3 player from the car and went to do the normal route. I had heard that a bit of the path was still under water, which was why we were using the off-road route, but both ends of the lake was underwater, the public toilets were still flooded, and even some of the paths at the sides were covered. So my route ended up being all over the grass. I topped it up to just over 6 miles, and then headed home via the post office.

Mornflake have sent me some lovely porridge and breakfast goodies- this will keep me going for months!

Then after some baking (more on that another day), cleaning and tidying, I walked around town to pick up some bits, and then went to the allotment and did about an hour of weeding. A pretty active day.

Sunday- We went out for breakfast (we tried Carluccio’s but I think there are much nicer places), wandered around town, went to see my parents and then came home and did some work while Andy watched the Grand Prix, then went to his parents. I was going to do yoga but we got home rather late and more work was in order.

Anyway, another good week. 3 runs ticked off, and the distance ticked off too. Although I was planning on doing parkrun as my timed 5k, but it looks to be the off road course for a good few weeks so I might have to adjust my predicted time. I had a go at guessing (having only done that course once before)- my guess was 29.29, and in the end my official time was 29.41 so not bad (but a lot slower than the normal flat course).

I also signed up to do 6 miles for Sports Relief on Sunday. I am meant to be running 8 miles, but it is about 2 miles away so I am thinking that Andy can drop me off and then I can run home- perfect! I do feel a bit antsy when I don’t have any races in my diary, and now the Oslo one is cancelled I have nothing else to plan for, so it is great to have something on.

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11 thoughts on “Jantastic week 10”

  1. You’re so good at estimating your times – I’d never know where to start since I’m such an inconsistent runner and then there are variables such as the weather to factor in…well done!

    I know what you mean about needing a race for some focus to your training – I always get itchy feet when I have nothing on the calendar.

    That’s a serious breakfast stash right there, and it has ‘runner’ written all over it 🙂


    1. Well I did have the advantage that I had run the off road course once before, so that does make it easier. It’s meant to be a max effort but because I was running after too I didn’t push as hard as I usually do at parkrun, so I had two times that it would be between. But that is the point of the March target- to know how fit you are, as if you are over or under your prediction you get a penalty.

  2. Oh I love super enthusiastic marshals. They always cheer me up if I’m having a rubbish race, or inspire me to continue powering on if I’m doing well. It’s all about the loud shouting and jumping up and down on the spot!!!

  3. Though I didn’t go (Ben told me this story), at Parkrun last week it was our two year anniversary of Netley Abbey Parkrun and loads of people dressed up in onesies and fancy dress. One guy dressed head to toe as an alien. The marshals cheered him on and said things like “here’s the first alien coming through now”. Very amusing. The alien himself also cheered on other people by saying “come on, humans! Love stuff like that.
    Great week of running!

  4. Looks like a great haul from mornflake- oat heaven! Great job on Jantastic, not long to go now, I’ve sort of salvaged mine with a solid March after Feb was a total write off! I know what you mean about not having races, it’s always good to have a goal.

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