Not the best preparation

First up, doughnut peaches are back!

I normally find them in Asda but each time I checked they have not had any (and have not seen the label on the shelf either) but today I saw them in Sainsbury’s, and for only £1.50 for this big punnet! Exciting times folks.

So, next weekend I am doing a trail half marathon. I say trail marathon- it is through some woods, so it’s off road. I think trail makes it sound more hardcore than it probably is. But anyway, it is still a half and they should be taken seriously.

Over the past few months I have been upping my mileage again- I had a bit of a break after the Bath Half as I found that so tough, but I still managed a good amount of miles- in fact 72 miles both in March (Bath was at the start) and April. But since then my mileage has dipped. Partly I think this is because I was managing 4 runs a week, and this has gone down to an average of 3, and also because we went away in May. But life in general has been getting in the way a bit too…

For the last 2 weeks though I have only managed 2 runs per week. I had my lovely 3 run weekend and a sports massage on the Monday, but then when I got home I had the most awful headache- I took painkillers which did nothing, and in the end had to go and lie down and take some more a couple of hours later. This impacted my running in two ways:  I didn’t get any work done that evening, so I had twice as much for Tuesday. Plus on Tuesday I felt really delicate, so didn’t think a run was a good idea. Add on to that other meetings, and the need for a rest day after a long run and all I managed was Wednesday and Saturday.

I did manage 11 miles last Saturday, which has given me some confidence. Then spent about 90 minutes at the allotment on Sunday, and on Monday I was still aching. Plus I got home late and had work to do (as it was I worked until 9.15 and then had to get up early the next morning to finish as I needed to unwind a bit). On Tuesday it was baking hot but I managed 5 miles, which I was pleased with as I do want to make my midweek runs a bit longer. I had to stop and cool down for a bit after a few miles as it was so hot.

Then, on Wednesday I was going to have a short run, as we were off out (I knew I had no time for Sweatshop) but I didn’t get away until late so only just had time to mark some work and change before we were out (and then I had more work when we got back). Thursday was pump and then Friday I was out for dinner- again just enough time when I got home to shower and change before rushing out again.

On a side note, I had a delicious salad with lentils, butternut squash and goats cheese, and then we went to the fabulous Pudding Stop for dessert.

So many tempting things on their menu, but in the end I opted for a delicious lemon tart.

When they brought our food over, the guy told me that my slice was too small (something about it being the last ?) so they had given me two small slices instead of one large. Luckily they let me take half home as one slice was plenty!

I was up early on Saturday for a long run. I had mapped out an 11 mile route, but it turned out to be closer to 12 miles. The weather was cooler at least, although my face was still covered in salt after a few miles. Near the end it started raining, and at first it was just wonderful- slightly heavier than a fine mist, and really cooling. But for the final half mile or so it was very heavy, and so all the salt washed off my face into my eyes- I had to finish with just one eye open and when I got home had to stumble up the stairs with both eyes shut as they were stinging so much!

My run was slow (well slower than I would have liked I suppose)- I slowed a lot towards the end and the 11.8 miles took me 2.08. But with the heat, and being so tired, I am OK with that. Next week I am not aiming for a pb, I just want to enjoy the woods, and also raise some money for a local hospice charity. (If you want to help raise money my page is here)

I shall not be stressing anyway. I know by now that I don’t do well in the heat, and I love running though woods so I am looking forward to some pretty scenery.

Are you always after a pb or do you sign up for races for different reasons? I do look for fast and flat courses, but I also like more interesting off road ones, and I am always tempted if a technical t-shirt is on offer!

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16 thoughts on “Not the best preparation”

  1. Wow a trail half marathon? Sounds tough, but fun! I love running on trails, so I’d take that over a road half any day!

    I can’t remember the last “normal” race I did! I race quite frequently on track and cross country, but I think this summer I’ll sign up for a road race. I miss the goody bags! 😛

    1. Ha ha yes I like the goody bags too!
      I think it is officially trail because it is off road, but I don’t think it is going to be totally hardcore!

  2. Which half is it?? I keep umming and aahing about entering the ashridge half last minute, as it was so beautiful last year, and that is next Sunday! I keep wanting to try the pudding stop too, think it is genius!

    1. Yes it is Ashridge! They still have places I think….
      Also, thank you very much for the sponsorship x

  3. That sounds fun but hard, though hopefully it will help being in shady bits (if there’s woodland) in the sunshine! I’m always surprised by how ok I do with running when I’m not able to train as hard as I’d like, I think base fitness (such as gardening, walking etc) helps more than we give it credit for!

    1. Yes that is true, other things keep your fitness up, and sometimes a break can do you good as you are not so tired.

  4. Trail half marathons are never ones to aim for a PB. I know the one I have in August will be like 20 minutes at least longer and I really don’t mind as it’s so epic and fun that time is the least of your thinking. I think you need to do one of those once in a while for variation and also to forget about times and Garmins too. Mentally refreshing!
    I have a half planned beginning of September that’s meant to be flat so I will aim for that one for a good times I never aim for PBs for every race. I have learnt! Sometimes I just run to see how fast I can do it, or sometimes use it as just a fun communal run, or sometimes I really aim for it (like this flat half).
    That pudding place sounds amazing. I’m not sure I’d have been able to resist the temptation of eating the other slice immediately 😉

    1. The lemon tart was very rich- my other friends didn’t finish their big slices either (of other puddings)- it was a bonus to look forward to the next day!
      You are right it is good to run races for different reasons- I am going to look for a half for the autumn to speed up for, because then it will be a bit cooler.

  5. I love trail races, I think because I’m not bothered about pace during them and just focus on enjoying the run. It’s been so humid and muggy lately- making running tough, hoping it cools down a bit before next weekend.

    1. Yes I think it is great to just enjoy doing a race and not having to focus on the outcome so much.

  6. It’s so difficult to fit it all in when life gets in the way. Hopefully you’ll have a calmer week this week.
    Good luck with your trail half. Trail would always be my choice over road, it’s just much more interesting with the varied terrain and much prettier views usually.
    I hate it when the salt gets into my eyes when running. I wear contacts and so it continually stings my eyes until the salt has managed to make it’s way back out from underneath my lenses. Absolutely horrible!

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