Baldock 10K recap

I only signed up to this race a few weeks ago, and then forgot (well, I thought it was later in September). Luckily the race pack arrived this week to remind me!

2014-09-11 20.33.32

I found it via Runners World but when I clicked on the reviews it took me to a different race instead. Anyway,10k was the distance I fancied, and it was not too far away.

It was a bit of a faff to get there, as there was no parking at the race start, so I had to park in the Tesco’s in Baldock and then they had two minibuses picking up runners from the high street and taking them to the start. The last one left at 9.20, so I erred on the side of caution and ended up at HQ at 9am.

The HQ was by some fields and barns, and sort of industrial buildings, and there were toilets in one of them (real ones with soap and everything), and the bag drop in another. I waited a bit as it was chilly so didn’t want to take my jacket off too soon. Then we had to walk 800m up a hill to the race start. I got chatting to a girl who was on her own (lots of people seemed to know each other) so that was lovely. The start was funny as the guy started doing the race briefing, and with the wind it was a bit hard to hear. But then thy set off a drone (no idea, maybe for photos?) and we could not hear anything over the noise of that!

Anyway, it started through (uphill) fields on rough track, so you had to watch your footing carefully. Some parts looked chalky, which turned out to be very springy and much nicer than the big flint stones. Then we went onto country lanes, but still with lovely views across the countryside. It was pretty hilly to begin with- short steep hills followed by longer slow ones. I was glad to get to half way. There was one water station but I prefer to wait until I finish as I can get a stitch- the girl who I was chatting to had been keeping up with me, but stopped for water whereas I carried on. It wasn’t long before she was behind me again.

The course was well marked with lots of florescent arrows, and marshals stopping traffic, pointing the way and cheering. I find 10K races strange- on the one hand they are not too long, so I want to not wish them away and actually enjoy it. But on the other hand you have to run a bit faster so I often find myself wanting to stop and walk, and have to consciously slow down so I can catch my breath. At one point I was running up a hill and dreading the uphill walk to the bag drop when I finished!

Anyway, after half way there seemed less hills, and after 7 or 8K a marshal told us “no more hills after this one” which turned out to be nearly true! I have had a cold since Thursday, so I wasn’t really focusing on time, I just wanted to enjoy it, but seeing that at 5 miles my watch said 50 minutes spurred me on to the finish. At one point I spotted the barns through the fields so I knew the finish was near, but 1K seems like a long way when you are tired! I turned a corner and could see everyone who had finished lined up by the side of the road cheering us slower runners home, which was nice but really I know I look awful by that point so would rather no-one could see!

As soon as I crossed the line I was given a print out of my chip and gun time- 1:01.23 chip time- how fancy! Then, the best part. As well as a bottle of water, medal and wrist band (with other events on the band- clever idea) they had a choice of either a banana or a spear of pineapple. Let me tell you, pineapple is amazing for after running. So juicy and refreshing.

They did the trophy ceremony at 11am (well it must have been just after as it was a few minutes after I had finished) so I watched that before getting my bag and waiting for a minibus.

2014-09-14 12.48.18

Not sure where I put the medal now, but it had the date and the race name on it.

As I had parked in Tesco’s I had a quick look in case I could find coconut peanut butter. Well, I couldn’t, but I did find these things.

2014-09-14 12.59.53

Dark choc pb for £2 a jar, and also gingerbread Alpro puddings! I love their dark chocolate ones for a treat, so when I saw these I had to try them. £1 for each pack too, bargain. And to balance things out some nuts and white chia seeds. Don’t know if they are different to black ones?

Anyway, I am really glad I did that race, it was good to run somewhere different. It was a bit of a faff using the minibus, so I think if I did it again I would look to park in a nearby village and walk there, as I didn’t get home until early afternoon when it is only a 25 minute drive away.

Now we are off out to dinner with Andy’s family, and I made us an apple cake for dessert.

2014-09-14 14.51.21

With apples from my little apple tree!

Did you have a good weekend?

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20 thoughts on “Baldock 10K recap”

  1. The race sound alike a great challenge if your up for it but a slight surprise if you are expecting a flat course! Never mind though since you conquered it in style 🙂

    We’ve had a busy chilled weekend, Saturday was busy and today has been chilled in comparison which is great because I’ve had time to blog, fold washing, cook a roast, do shopping …. not in that order though!

  2. Minibuses are always such a faff, particularly for a 10K. The bus journey is the only negative aspect of the Kielder Marathon, and even if I was in marathon shape it would put me off doing the race again.

    Your race sounds brilliant otherwise though, and that’s certainly a nice, shiny medal!

    Gingerbread Alpro Desserts…now there’s a concept I can get behind. I’ll need to be on the lookout for those.


    1. I don’t think I have ever had to get a minibus before- it was fine on the way but most people left at the same time and by then I just wanted to get home.
      Yep= the desserts sound so good- Tesco was where I found them to happy hunting!

  3. Love that you mentioned the real toilets, – such a luxury at races! 😛
    I’ve never been offered pineapple after a run before either. I loved how juicy and satisfying oranges were at the Grim in August. But I bet pineapples could probably top that!
    At my first half marathon – Bedford half, there were buses running from the car parking to the race start. And at Folksworth 15 miles we were ferried by the hosting club in their cars from carpark to race start and back again at the end! I was so worried I would get the car dirty though!

    1. Yeah I did feel sorry for the people who would be using the minibus on Monday after having all those sweaty runners in it!
      I normally don’t use the toilets if they are portaloos, so it was great to have real ones!

  4. Haha I love that real toilets with “soap and everything” comment. At a race this is such a novelty!
    Sounds like quite a nice race with the varied terrain and scenery. Well done on your time considering it was hilly!
    I really dislike 10ks but mainly because I tend to blast out as fast as I would for 5k, which invariably is always a pacing disaster. Also it’s just that bit too long to sustain a nasty fast pace. I prefer to get into my stride in like a half marathon, where the pace isn’t so bad and I can actually think and not feel like I’m dying! Amazingly this year I think I’ve only done one 10k, whereas last year I did so many!

    1. Yes I think I prefer a half, or 10 miles, as I feel with a 10K I am running too fast for comfort and then struggle at the end. This one got the hills out of the way earlier so it was not too easy to go off fast!

    1. That’s a long way from you! It is a huge Tesco there- hopefully they stock the gingerbread stuff elsewhere too.

  5. Love smaller races like this, they just have a nicer atmosphere. I would have wanted the banana and the pineapple though 😛 After the Badger half, they had an entire table of melon and pineapple it was the best thing ever! White and black chia seeds are nutritionally exactly the same, just a different variety 🙂

    1. Thanks- I did look at the back of the packet and see but I could not see any difference really.
      I could have had both too- I took home some pineapple as they had lots left over and were offering it to us as we waited for the minibus. Yes I think smaller races are so much more friendly.

  6. Woahhhhhh sounds like an amazing challenge, especially to me who has never ran a marathon! And I have seen these Alpro gingerbread – cannot wait to get my hands on then to try!

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