The streak comes to an end

Last week I mentioned that at parkrun I had managed to run in consecutive weeks 229.34, 28.34 and 27.34. I did think that 26.34 was out of my reach, and on Friday night I didn’t sleep too well, so decided to enjoy parkrun and not worry about time. Luckily I had decided that as my Garmin was still playing up, despite deleting all the files from it (something that had not occurred to me, as I thought that when I uploaded them to Garmin connect they were removed from the watch- nope, it had around 300 runs on there)- it refused to find a satellite for the entire run. It was with more anticipation than usual that I waited for my text- I finished higher in placing that last week, but it seemed busy and you never know how fast everyone else will be. I managed a 28.02, which is good, although I was hoping for something starting with 27, I was only 3 seconds from that, so not too bad.

I did get totally covered in mud though. There is one section of pavement still flooded, but there is a narrow path through the centre that is just muddy. I aim for that, but on my second lap I was lapped by a speedier runner who decided to plunge through the deeper parts – I don’t think he had realised how deep it was as he tripped and almost fell in the lake.

2014-09-06 10.00.34

Mud like that was all the way up the front and back of both of my legs- he really did flounder about in the mud and splashed it all over me! Luckily I am not too precious about keeping my car clean!

2014-09-06 10.58.17Home for French toast- the last of the brioche (it’s been in the freezer)- two of the slices were end slices so very thin.

After some jobs at home we were off to Ikea, oh the joy of visiting on a Saturday afternoon. We picked up things for our spare room (we decorated it last weekend and Andy has been putting down the laminate flooring with help from his dad this week), and then of course faced the puzzle of how to fit them in the car. Then we were off to our friends’ child’s second birthday party for a BBQ. I had offered to bring my own veggie burger, but then as we decided to go to Ikea I didn’t want to leave anything in the car for all that time, so ended up having salad and rice salad. This was good (tasty) but meant I woke up early on Sunday morning very hungry indeed. I had a berry nakd bar before heading out on my run, as I didn’t think it would be that sensible to run.

2014-09-07 10.45.18

I did the same 7 mile route as last weekend- I reset my Garmin overnight and although it took a while, it did find satellites in the end and seemed to be pretty accurate. I had to stop a few times as my new spi-belt is too big for my phone so kept working into annoying positions where my phone was smacking me in the back- I ended up with it on my hip. But I did get to hear my Marathon Talk rate your run- I had no idea they would read it out (sometimes when you rate it, one of them replies so you have an inkling that they might)- what a surprise! Then buckwheat pancakes.

I have still been following the Kinetic Revolution program- you can see my page here. Although I have missed a few days, so although I am on Day 14 I have been doing it for more than 14 days if that makes sense. Some of the moves are pretty tough now, but I am hoping that if I continue I will see some improvement. I really like the stretches from the first 6 days so have been carrying those on too. It is free, so I would recommend you checking it out.

2014-09-07 17.36.46

We went to see Andy’s parents and sat in their garden for a couple of hours before coming home and getting on with housework, so after doing the Kinetic stuff I really fancied something cold, and remembered I had this in the fridge. I didn’t think it would be fizzy (it was) but I loved the delicate rose flavour.

Photo: My new office !

While I was doing that, Andy finished building my new desk and chair for me. Hooray- this is my new “office”- really the little corner of our spare room behind the airing cupboard- the room has always been Andy’s office before now, but now we share. I don’t think my desk will stay clear for long!

Are you an Ikea fan? When I was little I loved the showroom bit as you could pretend you lived there, but now I just want to get around as quickly as possible!

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20 thoughts on “The streak comes to an end”

  1. The streak was amazing! My only mention on MT was a Facebook comment I think. I uploaded my marathon time but it was marathon season so there was no way I’d have gotten near the leader-board sadly. It’ll be the same for Berlin (if I do get there!!). Need to do a marathon off-peak I think, or a more interesting random run! My runs are always so boring really.
    I do love Ikea and most of our furniture is from there, but I’d like to be a bit more ‘unique’ in our next house as everything is a bit samey in Ikea. But saying that we’ll probably just get it all from there anyway as it’s so easy and cheap! And generally very good quality I’ve found.

  2. I love Ikea! It’s like a day out at Disneyland for me. Seriously – any time I go I never get what I came for… but always end up with a load of stuff! And mini Daim bars…

  3. I love Ikea, and I am always amazed by how many heavily pregnant ladies manage to get round with relative ease. I’ve already told Matt that we’ll be going on an Ikea binge when we start a family!

    Nice job on your run – sounds like you weren’t quite as soggy as the guy in front of you!

  4. I bloody love Ikea, it’s amazing, I love everything there and want to live in the show homes!
    That streak was epic 🙂 one day I will make it back to p run, but I usually just run at home on sat mornings so dont feel like driving all over to St. Albans.
    Loved reading your baldock ten k recap. Pls send me your address, I have way too much coconut PB, more than any human should own, I’ll send you some!!!

    1. Yeah often I prefer a run at home, or if I need a long run and am busy Sunday I move it to Saturday so parkrun gets bumped. There is a new one coming near to Welwyn so I might be going there sometimes too- St Albans is getting crazy busy!

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