Feliz Navidad

Hey peeps, I hope you have all been enjoying the last few days.

2014-12-23 13.47.52

The two of us have been relaxing in our little Spanish apartment. The road up to this is a very steep track, and the roads beyond are thin and twisty mountain roads, so I don’t think I would have been brave enough to go running here anyway. But we have been doing a lot of walking.

On Christmas Eve we drove to Grenada to see the Alhambra. We had booked tickets in advance, but then had a bit of a mix up with our times (my Garmin thing is still on UK time as I am not sure how to change it) so initially we thought we had loads of time, but in fact we were nearly an hour late. Whoops. Luckily we were still allowed in.

2014-12-24 10.40.05

The weather was fantastic, although pretty cold ( it is right up near the mountains).

2014-12-24 10.50.15

I didn’t know what to expect- I had seen photos but it was just spectacular. These intricate carvings were everywhere, plus beautiful coloured tiles.

2014-12-24 10.56.48

We must have walked around for at least 3 hours.

2014-12-24 12.35.00

There were some lovely gardens too- we could smell the oranges as we walked towards the trees (like being on Disney’s Soarin’, except it was real and not fake orange scent….).

2014-12-24 12.41.50

It was well worth a visit, and we were pretty shattered when we got back later in the evening (it was nearly a two hour drive each way). We took a lot of DVD’s with us, so watched The Snowman (my favourite Christmas Eve film) and then It’s a Wonderful Life, although I fell asleep during part of it!

2014-12-23 19.23.25

The other day we found some oven bake churros, so the night before we heated some up and had them with nutella- when in Rome right? They were enjoyed in front of Home Alone- another Christmas classic right there.

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8 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad”

  1. I LOVE churros. They are amazing. Not sure about the Nutella though – not a fan. But melted chocolate otherwise would have been amazing.
    It looks so pretty – and how lovely to smell the oranges!

    1. What???? Nutella is the best! We had churros on another day and I made a sort of sauce (more like a hot chocolate) by heating milk and melting in some dark chocolate- that was good too.

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