Jantastic 2015 Week 1- Feeling optimistic

So Jantastic started this week. In case you didn’t know, it is a (free) motivational challenge organised by the Marathon Talk boys, although this year it’s bigger, better, happier, more productive…. I mean, more companies are involved and stuff. They have linked with Strava, so I have now signed up with them. I was on Daily Mile (I like to see the stats of how many miles per week/month/year) but for 2015 I thought I would start with Strava instead.

In January you pledge how many runs you would like to do each week (I have chosen 4, as that is what I feel I should be doing but it is easy to let the 4th one slide). You can also add other sports like swimming and cycling this year.

In February you do this, and also state the length of your longest run each week, and in March you do both of those things, and predict your time over the distance of your choosing.

2015-01-04 11.04.06

The spooky scary cows on my run last Sunday- I ran through that field very fast I can tell you!

Since joining the running club I have been mainly running on a Tuesday with them, so generally my week will be:

Monday: Rest. Possibly a walk if I don’t get home from work too late.

Tuesday: Running club run

Wednesday: Sweatshop run. Run there and back various routes to make it longer.

Thursday: Body pump

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Parkrun

Sunday: Long run on my own or with the club depending on the route.

So before it began I did parkrun on New Year’s Day, then 6 miles on my own on the Friday, a rest on the Saturday, and then on Sunday I was going to go out with the running club, but it was cancelled due to the ice so I went around the fields later on, for 7 muddy miles. The first parkrun back was not the best- better than my 25th one, which perhaps was not such a good idea, but I struggled to get my breath and although I loved it, I was much slower than usual.

But this week I have been getting closer to my normal running self.

On Monday I was home nice and early so we had a walk before dinner.

On Tuesday I did a club run- there were loads of people there, so we paired up and then every now and then ran back to join on the end again, so no-one got too seperated. 4 miles complete.

On Wednesday I went to Sweatshop. My marathon plan said 6 miles, but it started back in December so I am playing a bit of catch up at the moment. I didn’t get home too late, so I left with enough time to run the long way to the shop- 2 miles before it even started. Then 3 fast miles, before running home, for 5.55 miles. Not too shabby, and close enough to my plan to keep me feeling happy.

2015-01-03 12.16.44

I won this hand torch on Beki’s blog so I tried it out that evening. I was really impressed- most of our runs are well-lit but in a few areas the trees cast shadows on the pavements so it was helpful then. It has a rear red light too, and an alarm. I don’t think I would take it out all the time, but on club runs I would as I never know the route we are going to do.

Thursday was body pump. This has nothing to do with Jantastic (although I have worked out how to add it onto Strava which I am quite pleased with). Anyway, it was the new release, and I hadn’t been at all in December so it was quite a shock. Plus loads of new people came so it took 75 minutes to get through! The back track was so tough as you had to keep on adding more weight, and although I only finished with my normal weight it felt super super tough.

Friday was a rest day. I went straight out from work and got home at midnight so not even a walk after work.

Saturday was busy. I did parkrun first thing (31.41- beating my 32.19 on 1st Jan)- the weather was actually pretty kind- it was misting with rain (not even drizzling) on the drive there, but after the first km it stopped. There was wind, strong wind, but we were running into the wind on the downhills, and the wind was behind us for the final uphill slog to the finish. I treated myself to a chai latte from the coffee van, as I was pretty cold and had to walk back to the car. After driving home (in the pouring rain- it waited until I got back to the car at least), having a shower and some porridge, we went into town to pick up an online shopping order, and then after lunch we walked up to the shops as Andy had ordered something to be delivered to the amazon lockers (which by the way are the best invention). I was pretty shattered after all that walking (we probably walked about 4 or 5 miles).

Sunday I was up early but this time opted for a solo run. I am so behind on my marathon talk listening that I heard my “rate your run” from the Brighton 10K back in November! It was beautiful weather- cold, but clear and bright, although as I ran the wind picked up and my last couple of miles were quite tough. I just wanted to get some distance under my belt, as I have a 10 mile race next weekend. Originally my plan said 11 miles for this weekend, but that was with longer runs the previous weekends. Anyway, in the end I did 9 miles so I am really happy with that. It wasn’t my fastest (in fact it took me the same time as my last 10 mile race) but the distance is what counts at the moment. I needed the confidence before next weekend that I can do 10 miles, and they have a 2 hour cut off so I was a bit worried that if I needed to walk I wouldn’t make it.

2015-01-11 09.07.48

So, week 1 done. 4 runs completed (and logged- peeps if you are doing Jantastic don’t forget to log your runs) for a total of 21.9 mile (how I love Strava for all their stats) and a much more optimistic feel about marathon training now. Phew.

How has Jantastic been for you?

Anyone else on Strava? Which websites do you like to use to track workouts?

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22 thoughts on “Jantastic 2015 Week 1- Feeling optimistic”

  1. I’m starting to like Strava …. did not know I could add “other” non cardio type activities, I will have to check that out. Well done great week 🙂

  2. I just use Garmin Connect to log my miles. I know the Strava community would just inspire me to be even more competitive and criticize myself for my pace and mileage even more, so I tend to stick with the private setting on Connect. I can definitely see how Strava would be beneficial and motivating though!

    What an atmospheric photo of those cows – it looks like something taken on the Yorkshire Moors with all of that mist.

    You’re definitely going to do well at your 10 mile race 🙂 Even when I was a decent runner I regularly ran training runs a mile shorter than my race PB in the same time (or even slower!) so I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m so happy you’re feeling better and your training is going well.

    1. Yes the mist was very spooky that day, a really enjoyable run.
      Thanks for that comment about the race too- again I am doing it for the mileage and not for a pb, but at least now I know I will be able to get to the finish. That is a good point though, my training runs (especially the solo ones) are often much slower.

  3. I love Strava, think it’s brill. Good running! I was 100% for week 1 too 🙂 I was also miles behind on marathon talk, but I have managed to get up to mid November now, I was about 5 months behind at one point haha!

    1. Well done! I figured that I had plenty of long runs ahead of me where I would need more than one podcast so I am sure I will catch up soon!

  4. Sounds like a great week! I’m not consistently running at the moment so Jantastic is not happening for me (so annoying and sad because last year I didn’t really do it all either…GRRR). But it is what it is! I think the Jantastic this year is really good to have the bike and swimming stuff in it too. Definitely more inclusive.
    I love Strava. I like seeing the segments and leader boards. I also like following Steve Way as his runs are EPIC.

    1. Yes it is good that you can add other workouts too- seems much bigger this year.
      I have not got around to following anyone famous- I keep hearing Tom on MT say that he is on there, but I can’t decide if that would be weird or not! I think I have 4 friends on there at the mo!

  5. I am sure you will be fine for your ten mile race next week. Things always feel different on race day. 🙂
    I do like that Jantastic has linked up with Strava this year. I only started using Strava in November alongside Garmin Connect and Fetch. I like them all for different stats/reasons and I like getting involved with the games in Fetch! Luckily, when I upload to Garmin Connect it automatically transfers the stats to the other platforms for me so it’s not too much faff.

    1. Yes I have got the Garmin express thing so it transfers over quickly now, so much easier 🙂
      I used to go on Fetch loads but have not for years now.

    1. It’s great! I think it is fab as it builds on each month and it is about being consistent, and not just going for short term things.

  6. I’ll have to check out Strava, I used to use Daily Mile when I was running but will check this out now. I’m really looking forward to starting running again properly, I’m going to try a couch to 5k soon to get started. Hope you enjoy your 10 miler!

    1. I much prefer it to daily mile- you can log other workouts as well as running which is good, and I like how it sets out the training too.
      I hope you enjoy running once you start a programme 🙂

  7. Ooh now I got a Garmin for Christmas but have only just worked out Garmin Connect – perhaps I should also get on Strava?!

    4 runs per week sounds great – a good goal. I’m on 3 times week which is one long, one morning and one lunchtime, I have to fit it around work and study times so it can be hard to fit them all in!


    1. Strava is good too- it prompted me to download the Garmin express software, and so when you plug in your watch the Garmin express automatically uploads the new runs, and they also get sent to Strava right away. I really like it 🙂

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