Penultimate week

Although Jantastic has finished, I have enjoyed doing these weekly reviews for my marathon training. Last weekend I did my long run on the Saturday, to combine it with parkrun, so on Sunday I only did a short run (I was relieved as the weather was horrible- so windy and rainy). I then went out for breakfast with friends- the place even had a log fire burning- very cosy indeed.

Monday: I kept it as a rest day, although my long run had been earlier, I don’t do too well running more than 2 days in a row.

Tuesday: OH ladies run. Most of the runners cancelled for various reasons, so it ended up being just two of us. We did an out and back, fairly hilly course, and both of us were surprised with how fast we went (I think we were trying to outrun the wind and storms that kept blowing over). 3.5 miles in 34 minutes- not bad considering the hills.

Wednesday: Nothing. I was going to run, but work has been so manic and I felt exhausted, so was sensible and rested.

Thursday: Body Pump. Also the start of the Easter holidays at long last!

Some yummy chocolates and cards from people at work:

2015-04-02 16.08.58

Friday: 4 mile run first thing- it had stopped raining so dashed out before it started again. Achy legs from pump meant it was a bit slower but not too bad (41 mins I think). Later on we walked around the town and did a bit of shopping.

Saturday: Parkrun! Hooray!  Just me this week, but I met a running buddy at the start line- she is usually faster than me but had hurt her knee and had not run for a few weeks, so we ran together, chatting (well, at times- not on the hills!)- very enjoyable and I think my third fastest time at Panshanger. Later on, more walking as on Friday my click and collect order was lost, so I had to go back.

2015-04-04 14.52.15

I won some Hot Cross Bun tea from the Bluebird Tea facebook page (the awesome tea shop in Brighton) and it came on Saturday, so we enjoyed a pot of that in the afternoon. Scrumptious! 

Sunday: 8 mile run. I decided to do an out and back route, because my usual loop is closer to 9, with added optional extras, and I wanted to be sensible. I decided to aim for 10 minute miles, and apart from the first two (and at the start of the second I had to slow to take my jacket off) they all began with a 9. I felt good.  Just two more and a bit to go next weekend…

While I was out my phone beeped, and when I got home I saw it was a reminder for the marathon next weekend (as if I could forget). I listened to the latest Marathon Talk (well, the first 80 minutes) and their training talk was just what I needed to hear. They were talking about long runs, and how to approach the final few long runs (a bit late for me to change anything, but it helped to set my mind at ease). They did have a rule of thumb for the longest 3 runs to total 60 miles, and mine don’t quite (I think they total 58), but they were also talking about going beyond 20 (I did- 0.6 beyond!) and not going on time but going on miles (which I also have done). Some more reflecting will come later in the week, but I am feeling alright about the training now it is basically done.

So, 4/4 runs. 18.7 miles.

Most of the people I know training for marathons are training for London, so they are still in full swing, and it does feel a bit strange having less miles to run, but I am trying to embrace it and trust in my plan.

How have you been spending the long weekend?

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9 thoughts on “Penultimate week”

  1. Hi, great post! This time last year I was already for the Brighton marathon, unfortunately not running it this year but good luck for next weekend!!! I’ll be cheering you all on! I’m training for the Berlin marathon this year which is in September so will be doing similar training but weirdly (and exhaustingly) training through the summer months.
    Was wondering if it’s not too cheeky if you could mention my blog in you blogroll? I would return the favour obviously, I really like reading your site – good luck for Sunday!

  2. Hot cross bun tea?! That sounds amazing! We’ve had a really fab weekend, Newcastle on Saturday, Saltwell Park and my parents on Sunday and South Shields on Monday, with gorgeous weather it’s been too nice not to make the most of it, hope you got some sunshine today!

    1. It is indeed very tasty! It was black and rooibos tea with orange peel and spices- really good.
      Glad you had a lovely weekend.

  3. I’m so excited for you. So many in my club are also running Brighton (especially a SUPER speedy guy who has been training like a madmen running ridiculous numbers of miles and reducing his times down dramatically throughout the year). Should be very cool to hear how everyone does! Is there a way we can track you? (But I understand if you don’t want to give that out!)

    1. Thanks! I am half excited and half terrified!
      I think there is a way to track- I will probably put my number on here later in the week as I don’t mind people doing that – possibly you need the Brighton app or something but you would have that for the people in your club I suppose?

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