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Howdy peeps!

I am back from a week in sunny Florida (more on that another day)- it was fab, but I didn’t take my running things with me as I knew I would not have the time while I was there. This has meant a bit of a shock to the system this week!

The week before we went, on the Tuesday I was home too late for the club run, so went out on my own for 4 miles. Β On the Wednesday I didn’t do Sweatshop as didn’t want to be back that late, so I did 3 wet and windy miles on my own. On Thursday we had to pop to the shops to get a few bits, and also pack as we were going straight after work on the Friday.

(Skip past the holiday for now)

We landed at lunch time on Sunday, and of course Monday was back to work- tough with the jet lag. So it is really no surprise that for the club run yesterday I felt pretty tired. I ran with another girl and we chatted on the way around which was lovely, but after those 3 miles I felt shattered!

Today my legs were really stiff, so instead of risking a longer and probably faster SRC, I went out on my own, again for 3 miles. By the end I was willing the road to turn into a conveyor belt so I could get home sooner!

I am hoping that after this weekend I will be back in the swing of things. I have 10K this Sunday, but it is strictly for fun, no pb chasing here (it’s around the grounds of an animal park), so I am not worried about that. But the week after is a half marathon and although I did 12 miles the weekend before I went away, that will be 4 weeks before the day of the half- probably can’t count as a long taper! So the plan is to do a medium run (8-ish miles) one evening next week, so give me a bit of confidence.


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10 thoughts on “Back to a routine”

  1. I think I don’t travel much because I just absolutely HATE jet leg … I get it just flying south when we go home to SA and its only a 1 hour time difference πŸ˜‰

  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a nice time away. I struggled getting back into the swing of things after my three days away during half term, and that was in England…no jet lag to contend with!

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