Stevenage 10K 2022

My Dad was quite keen to run another 10K race, as he had not run one since before lockdown. I looked around for a local race and found the Stevenage 10k, one neither of us had done before. It was on a weekend that we could both manage, so I signed us up as his birthday present.

It was a low key club run event- turn up in the morning and pick up your number, parking right by the race start, a little cake stand and coffee van in the field and free kids races too. Perfect. My mum came along too- they picked me up and then we headed up there.

Before and after, and my vegan cupcake!

Dad said to me that he had three aims- to finish, to run the whole way and to finish in under an hour. In the end we managed the first 2, but came in just over the hour (1 hour and 46 seconds). I was keeping an eye on my watch and we stopped for the water station half way around. There was a fairly long hill that neither of us was expecting, (from mile 4 to mile 5, so a mile of uphill) and I know our pace slowed there. But really we enjoyed running the whole thing together. Mum was there at the finish, we picked up our free cake (they had a selection of vegan cakes and bless my mum, she had gone to ask the person at the stand what the vegan options were for me while we were running) and headed home where we had tea and chatted together for ages. It was such a nice morning. Those local races are my favourite, and to be able to run with my dad is just so special.

What type of races do you like? Does anyone in your family run with you?

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