Happy 19th birthday to parkrun!

30th of September and 7th October saw me at Jersey Farm two weeks in a row. The first one was my 330th parkrun and I ran with Dad, enjoyed it, and found out that there is no such thing as too much green. (I had on new green leggings, my 250 top and various green accessories).

Tea at home with Mum after, and drinks from the OH Sunday run, green leggings and finish token.

I had also started getting back into going to the Sunday OH runs. These are relaxed affairs, a sort of “how far does everyone want to go?” attitude which I love. We have done a similar route a few times, out and back or a lollipop shape ending by Sustain Coffee in Hatfield, a vegan independent coffee roaster and cafe. Sadly no chai latte but they did do a hot chocolate which was frothy and creamy and delicious, perfect after a run.

The second weekend was parkrun’s birthday, but Jersey Farm didn’t seem to do anything to mark the occasion. I am sure the 20th will be a big event next year. Again, I ran with Dad, we enjoyed the summer route and the autumn sunshine- I was still in sunglasses for both weeks (a decision I have to make at home as I don’t want to leave my actual glasses in a bag and have the risk of them going missing by mistake or being squashed etc).

I enjoyed looking back on some of my parkrun memories- obviously I’ve not been a parkrunner since the beginning, but I did start in 2013 so that’s ten years now. I am so lucky that my dad enjoys it (and got me into parkrun) as I am sure we see each other more than we would do. It’s so varied in that we can pop along to Jersey Farm, walking there and back together, or we can tour and visit somewhere new, maybe with my mum in tow to join us in the cafe after. If I’m away I can visit a new parkrun and it won’t impact the weekend as I am back for breakfast, and of course we have all the fab milestone and arbitrary celebrations with friends and family.

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