Another quick one!

Well the crazy weather that was forecast never came to anything (well here anyway). Although it did manage to tip down at exactly 3.15 on the dot, just as we were seeing the children out. Seriously it rains more then than at any other time!

I had aerobics this evening (fuelled by a Nak’d Apple Pie bar – my fave normal Nak’d flavour I think) which was super high impact! Normally we have about ten minutes at the end for sit ups and other floor stuff as well as stretches and cool downs, but this time we had about 3 minutes at the end! I was boiling when I left. But in a good way!

Coming soon- bread baking! But now it’s time to go.

A quick check in

Well today was a busy day at work. My legs held up well; after my speedy time I wasn’t sure if I would stiffen up today but I was fine. Originally I had thought I might have a short run today, but I had so much work to do (loads of marking that needed to be done by tomorrow) so I took it all home and got on with that. I did manage a walk before the rain started, so I have had some fresh air. Nothing else interesting to report I am afraid!

Gardening and Body Pump

Wow wasn’t the weather yesterday lovely? I spent time in the garden, digging up weeds (so many dandelions), planting new plants and tying up ones that are growing- my pumpkin plant is getting really tall now, it needs tying up every week.

I had my home-made muesli for breakfast too (with an apple and the last of the honey yoghurt) and it was super tasty. It is fairly “soft” in texture- perfect for a bircher style muesli, and with the yoghurt it was a lovely combo. I think I would add more cinnamon as every now and then I got a little taste but would like it stronger.

Body pump last night was good as usual (but so hot). My face-pulling during the biceps track was giving everyone else much amusement!

When I got home I had my last 9 bar- this one was a pumpkin one. It has not got carob on top, and I was more apprehensive, but actually it was really tasty. The honey flavour (honey and a little vegetable oil holds the seeds together) came through much more, whereas with the carob ones it just tastes sweet. The pumpkin seeds were lovely (they make up 20% of the bar); I will look out for these bars. Yesterday I picked up a 3 pack of the original bars (3 for 99p what a bargain!) from Sainsbury’s, will have to go to Morrison’s I think to get the other flavours.

Off on a day trip now how exciting- enjoy the sunshine!

Palm oil reply

So I got my reply from Sainsbury’s today (about the palm oil). I was quite impressed really, they say they are going to be palm oil free (or only get it from sustainable plantations) by 2014, so a few years to go but I know these things take time. They said that in 2002 they met with WWF, Unilever and some palm oil growers to discuss how they could make it ethical (as it is much needed income for those areas too). They also have said they don’t hide it under the name “vegetable oil” on the ingredients and do list it as palm oil so at least customers can make the choice themselves. Plus the sustainable palm oil is now used in their fish fingers, soaps and some biscuits.

So I am glad they took the time to reply so quickly, and I am glad they are sorting it out, I suppose it takes time.

Other things from today; due to the rain I stayed in and worked (maybe a day out later on this week if the weather gets better).

I met some friends for a relaxing lunch (had a yummy flatbread with roasted veggies and basil), and am off to aerobics in a little while. I love having lunch out, it is such a treat and something that I never get to do during term time. Going out for dinner is nice but then it’s a late night, whereas after lunch you can sit and chat all afternoon and it doesn’t matter. Pus you can have dinner out after work but lunch out is a total holiday pastime. It was so nice to catch up with them, some of them I had not seen for a few months, a couple of them had their children with them which is always good for some entertainment. A lovely relaxing time.

Also I know a few people have had trouble leaving comments on here, and I have been getting loads of spam comments (so annoying, all about cars and whatnot) but I think it is now fixed so hopefully you can leave comments without any problems.

My ode to quinoa

I had a nice dinner this evening. In a pan I cooked a third of a red onion, half a red pepper, half a small courgette, added in about 150g tinned tomatoes, 40g rinsed quinoa and cooked for about 15 minutes (until it had thickened and the quinoa had started looking all squiggly). I had it with some Cauldron butternut squash falafel. It was super tasty.
Just wanted to share that! I got my new copy of Women’s Running mag and I think because it’s national veggie week they have a few articles in there about being a healthy veggie, plus they had an article on quinoa. I do use it occasionally (often make a batch for lunch in the winter), but should use it more as it is a complete protein. Usually veggies need to combine foods (e.g. wholegrain + pulses or wholegrain + nuts) to get complete protein (which occurs naturally in meat). But this grain has it all!

Then it was off to body pump, good as usual although my shoulders are killing me now!
I am going to treat myself to one of the cookies (which by the way were a success, I now have 11 people sponsoring me, which is loads more than before- the bribery is working!).
Then it’s the bank holiday weekend hooray! May is such a great month.