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Evening lovelies:)

I saw on the weather that we might possibly have more snow here tonight, so I decided to make the most of the pavements and have another run today (ah running, I have missed you so much). After some yummy porridge (I went old school with raisins and cinnamon) I headed out with the latest marathon talk podcast (and wearing my new long sleeved warm top and ear warmer headband thingy). I did think that Tonys rendition of the 12 days of christmas was so funny- I was laughing as I ran along! Thankfully the pavements were clear of people! I did 6 miles, in just under an hour, before heading home fora nice warm shower. The wind was cold out there today!

I have been watching a bit of the news and see the America is having crazy snowstorms, and it has been freezing in Florida- I am quite glad that we did not get stuck in a snow storm out there.

We needed a few grocery items (seriously, since being home we have been so unorganised- normally we order it all online and plan our meals, but I think we were not planning on being here, we have not really thought about it so we keep running out of things). Anyway, the Sainsburys is right by an M&S so we popped in (along with a million other people)- gosh it was so busy in there. Ten minutes was enough to remind me why I prefer online shopping!

One of my friends was at Next at 5 this morning, and another has spent 7 hours shopping. Craziness I say! Anyone else been hitting the sales?  I ordered myself a waist bottle holder thingy from wiggle as I get sore shoulders from holding a bottle in my hand, but that is the extent of my sale shopping so far!

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8 thoughts on “Weather watch”

  1. Just caught up on your posts! Looks like you had a great Christmas, and got loads of great stuff! 🙂
    Sounds like a good run! Trust me, I’m all too familiar with that look! 😛
    I’m hitting the sales tomorrow! But not at 5am, nor for 7 hours (hopefully!).

  2. Ack, I’m a bad shopper at the best of times, so I will not be going anywhere near the Christmas sales! I might take your lead though and try some online shopping. I found the waist holder the most comfortable option btw, so I hope it’s a success for you 🙂

    1. I chose one with good reviews- I decided that I would feel like an idiot with a camelbak back-pack thingy on, but also I thought they would lend towards a sweaty back, whereas I always tie coats and stuff around my waist when I am out running, so a bottle holder would not be much different 🙂
      Online shopping is totally the way forwards- you can shop and drink tea (and read blogs) at the same time! Fantastic!

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