I will like intervals!


(If I keep repeating it, then it might come true!)

Evening all

Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post- I am going to try and remember to do a little roundup each week, as for myself it is quite satisfying to see how I have been getting on, and will be easier for me to look back on too.

Actually, today I did quite enjoy the intervals. Shock! I was down for a 4 mile run with intervals, so I did a mile warm up, then spend the next 2 miles going faster for 3 mins, then jogging for 1 minute to recover. The very last interval was uphill andΒ really hard work, but at least I knew it was the last one and could slow down after that. The last mile was a cool down, but faster than my warm up as seems to be the case at the moment. Altogether it was 4 miles in 40 minutes, and I know my first mile was 11 mins, and after that I forgot to look, but I know that the intervals are making me run those miles a little faster. Plus they help mix it up and stop be plodding along at the same speed the whole time.

Then it was time for some more lentil stew– it was so delicious! Plus 13g protein in one serving is not half bad.

So today I am curious about your listening habits. When I started running, I did not listen to anything because I had to concentrate on looking at my watch for when to walk and when to run (my plan is here if anyone fancies giving it a go- go on you know you want to πŸ™‚ ). Then once I could run for 15 minutes, I started listening to music. I love listening to music, and I would sort out a folder of music that was all fairly upbeat to keep me going. But a while back someone posted on WLR about listening to marathon talk (do you think I can now go for one post without mentioning it?) and so I started listening to podcasts instead on my long runs. This has now taken over, and I always have podcasts in. As well as marathon talk, I like a lot of the radio 4 ones- Friday night comedy, the food programme (not so good when you are hungry), sometimes medical matters ( although I get a bit queasey when they talk about blood and hearts), infinate monkey cage…. It’s all quite entertaining. But mostly I think it has helped my pace even out and become steady. I always felt that when I was running to music, I had to run to the beat, which is good in races if a song comes on to gee me up the hill or something, but not so good if it turns out I am struggling as I am running a little too fast. I was talking to Andy about it, and on his long runs he now doesn’t listen to anything, as he found that music was making him slow down to be in time with the music, and now he likes the time to think about things. I prefer some sound as the sound of my breath is very alarming- once I hear my breathing I start to think about breathing, which means it stops being natural, and I start shallow breathing and panicking, or wheezing and gasping, whereas if I don’t think about it, my lungs know exactly what to do and I am fine. I almost need noise cancelling headphones which just cancel out my breathing sounds! I do love the music at the exercise classes I do, and when a cheesy tune comes on it does give me a bit of a lift.

Anyway, what do you all do when working out?

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10 thoughts on “I will like intervals!”

  1. I’m not a music person while running – at least not when outdoors – partly for the same reason as Andy.

    If in the gym though, I do find it makes the dreadmill more tolerable. In those instances I go for something slightly dancey from my past: FSOL, Underworld, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, 808 State, Faithless or similar.

  2. I’ve read that about running to music actually — that it can end up making you run too fast or too slow depending on the beat. I find it really helps pump me up though, so I always listen to my iPod.

    Awesome work on the intervals too! When I’m on the last ones and really struggling, I always think about what my PT says when I struggling to finish something: “come on Alison, this is where ti really counts”. It’s when it’s REALLY hard that you’re pushing at your limits. And that’s how you get better. So good on you for struggling through πŸ™‚

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with intervals too! As in I hate them when I’m doing them, but love the high and feeling of accomplishment when I’m done!! I did intervals today though, and it is amazing how much they have helped increase my speed! My ‘cool down’ pace now was my fast pace before! πŸ˜›

    I usually listen to musc when I run, mainly because the breath thing freaks me out too! I do find that the music can slow me down though. But I’ll try listening to a podcast and see how I find it πŸ™‚

  4. Glad you liked the Zumba post πŸ˜‰

    I really admire your discipline with training and the intervals. I’m still a chaotic runner and just ‘wing it’ depending on how I feel on the day, the weather, and if I need to get to a class (speed work tends to happen when I have an early morning spin to get to and no means of getting there other than my two leggies).

    I used to run with music but, like Andy, I find it often causes me to slow down at inappropriate moments or just cruise instead of pushing myself because I’m enjoying the song. Or I waste energy rocking out (I only really listen to metal) when I should be running. Music only works on the treadmill for me, otherwise I lose focus. On the treadmill though, I really, really NEED a distraction!


  5. Thanks everyone! It’s so interesting to see what people do- I am not surprised that you need music when on the treadmill/ dreadmill, whereas when running outside there is much more scenery to look at.
    Emma- glad it is not just me with the breathing thing! πŸ™‚ And well done for getting faster!
    Rob- I listen to music from my past too! Although mine tends to be 90’s/ early 2000’s rock/indie music! πŸ™‚

    1. I do like the fact that music takes your mind off the tired feelings! A great song always gives me a bit of a lift.

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