Hopefully I did not start the year as I meant to go on! Andy and I went to Bath for a couple of days. I took this with me;

And I came home with this;

Oops indeed!

We stayed in a hotel in a little town very close to Bath and it was lovely to have a couple of days together.

Friday I fitted in a 3 mile gentle run before breakfast, and then spent the morning pottering and packing (Andy worked in the morning). We drove there in the afternoon, and spent time in the town, before having a cosy dinner in a local pub. We went back to our hotel and watched the fireworks on the TV.

The next morning we headed into Bath on the train, and spent some time wandering around the shops. Bath is such a pretty town and everything was within walking distance which was great as we love to wander! We found the royal crescent (I felt that maybe the family from Mary Poppins would live in houses like that?) and then went to a lovely cafe/ pattiserie for tea and a scone. Yum.

Then we went to the Roman Baths which was so interesting and had much more to see than I expected (also for you bargain hunters we got a 2 for 1 voucher if we showed our train tickets)- it even had some narration from Bill Bryson.

We had a lovely dinner in pizza express (I was so hungry as a scone is not much of a lunch!) and then headed back.

Today we stopped off at Windsor on the way- I loved seeing all the tourists having their pictures taken in front of the castle, and also the many tasteful souvenirs (postcard of Wills and Harry anyone? Or would you prefer some shortbread in a tartan box!).

And now to unpack my purchases. Honestly, Andy is normally a good influence on me. The thing is, we were both normally do shopping when we holiday in the USA (I often get quite a few clothes in Gap, Old Navy and Skechers) so I got stuff here instead.

Cute things– an apron from Paperchase (this was £2.25 I think), some cute socks (so soft and perfect for after a run when my feet need to be treated gently!), cute PJ’s and a little reindeer (£2.50 from paperchase).

A blue cardi from Fat Face and a grey cardi from Animal (I love cardis 🙂 )

And a nice black coat from H&M (it was only £20 and I have been after a black coat for a while- this one has a zip which I prefer over buttons as I love to be warm more than I want to be stylish- it comes in at the waist with a tie and flares out over the hips). I think you will agree that it goes perfectly with my slippers- super cool!

I have been catching up on blogs this evening and I have enjoyed reading everyone’s goals for the new year, it’s all very inspiring 🙂 I look forward to reading about how well everyone is doing.

Thanks for all your lovely comments too 🙂 I appreciate every single one.


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14 thoughts on “Oops!”

  1. A scone is indeed not much of a lunch! I thought you meant you stopped for a snack until you stated otherwise.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Bath, though I take your point about Windsor and the tacky souvenirs. I adore Edinburgh, but cringe at what a lot of the tourists buy and the shops are forced to cater to…all tartan kilt-wearing bears and shortbread.

    It’s lovely to finally see another picture of you on the blog 🙂 The coat is beautiful, and I particularly like the blue FatFace top.

    You deserve to treat yourself with some goodies, and I don’t think you were too extravagent at all! Plus, you look gorgeous in those clothes so you’re doing the retailers a favour by wearing them. So there.

    And thank you for your lovely comments ~ I’m so glad I ‘discovered’ your blog and I can’t wait to read about the marathon you’re going to rock in 2011 😀

    1. Ah thanks hun 🙂
      I love looking at all the tacky souvenirs, it all adds to it really and I am sure it is what the tourists expect when they visit England/ Scotland anyway!

  2. Lovely picture of you! From what I can see the coat looks lovely, and compliments your slippers very well! 😛
    Sounds like Bath is great! I’ve wanted to go there for ages now!
    And that amazing apron from Paperchase was only £2.25? I am GOING to Paperchase!!
    Love the cardis! I’m a cardi person too 🙂
    Aww well I love your blog, so can’t wait to read more in 2011! 😀

    1. Thanks sweetie 🙂
      I love paperchase too and I was so excited when I saw how much it was reduced to! Bargainous or what!

  3. I’ve not been to Bath in years – since I went on a school trip in fact, but I’ve wanted to visit again for years! Maybe this year I will make the trip again 🙂

    It’s nice to see a pic of you on the blog too 😀

    1. Yeah go for it, its a lovely place 🙂
      Thanks about the pic too!- I had to get Andy to take the picture but he is not always around for when I need one!

    1. Bath is a town – there is a big roman bath there, and also lots of spa’.
      I dont think you get paperchase in the usa- it started as a card shop but now it does all accessories like diaries, photo frames, passport holders and other cute things!

  4. Lol! 😀 Really you didn’t buy that much though. And it was in the sale. So it’s basically like shopping in the US, right? 😉

    Sounds like you and Andy had a lovely time in Bath — I hope it made up for a bit of the disappointment of not making it to Florida. I always think of BBC period dramas when I think of the Royal Crescent in Bath. It’s quintessentially English, and therefore quintessentially BBC period drama as far as I’m concerned!

    Oh, and thanks for letting me know I made you laugh — I sometimes wonder whether it’s just me who finds myself hilarious, so it’s good to know I take the odd person with me!

    Happy new year 🙂

    1. I think your blog is very funny (at times of course, and I am laughing with you!).
      Yeah Bath is so English- love it!
      Glad you see my way of thinking with the shopping too- I promise to stop once I am back at work!

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