Parcels, pace, pottering and peanut butter

Afternoon peeps!

Yesterday was a rest day, not much to report although after work I did go to Morrisons to get some lovely so crispy bites (they are like rice cakes but tastier), and had a walk. My shoulders were so sore yesterday, after the tiny bit of extra weights for the rest of the track I was no surprised!

Look what I got in the post!

The lovely Jess offered to send me some Dorset cereal porridge, and also included a jar of PB2 which is sort of powdered peanut butter- sounds amazing although I have not yet tried it. 🙂 Thanks so much Jess 🙂

Today has been great so far- I got up and while Andy went on his 11 mile run (how does he do it before breakfast?) I had my porridge, with a blob of pb, and pottered about. I set off with the new marathon talk podcast (what else people?). I had planned the same route as last week, and was pretty pleased with my pace- considering it was 10.5 miles I was within 30 seconds of my time last week- this could be down to stopping longer to cross roads or whatever. Again the run felt good, I was a bit hungry by the end so I think soon I will start taking something with me, not sure what. Anyway, although it drizzled a bit, it was much less windy, and I ended feeling strong. I think I need to remember this feeling for when the runs are harder work! I only saw a few other people out running today, and recently I have been seeing loads.

Once home I had a clif bar (which Andy now likes too-cue another order on wiggle methinks) and yummy hot chocolate- I heated up some Kara coconut milk in the microwave, and then added some nesquick powder. Delicious and warming as I was very cold! Although the cup got hot so it was hard to drink- next time I need to heat it in one thing and drink it out of something else.

After lunch(which was toast with PB and mashed banana and a delish fuji apple) I had a lovely snack of some Mighty Muesli with yoghurt, which was very tasty indeed. It has a massive ingredients list including oats, barley, rye, sunflower seeds, quinoa, dried cranberries, linseed, alfalfa seeds, pumpkin seeds…..(and the best bit- no dried milk powder- I do not like that in muesli)- Yum

I also made some fudge for my friends- I used my fave Rachel Allen recipe but subbed in some broken mint matchmakers instead of the white chocolate- to make minty after dinner fudge.

It made loads so I am going to take some into work on Monday.

Tonight we are off out for dinner, and I had a little browse of the restuarant website- I got a little annoyed as loads of dishes were marked as vegetarian, when they contain parmesan. They had a contact form on the site so I sent them an email (a nice one) as I find it so frustrating that this is such a common mistake on menus. Anyway, I saw they do a pizza with goats cheese, peppers, caramelised onions and some other things, which looks amazing, so I think I am going for that 🙂 Anyone else get annoyed by things being labelled wrong? I like pizza express as they clearly state on the menu how to make things vegetarian.

Off for some tea now, later guys

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13 thoughts on “Parcels, pace, pottering and peanut butter”

  1. I also do not know how people go out without food. I’m good for nothing without a proper breakfast! I think remembering the feeling from today’s run is a really important for future ref. Did you see Running Rob’s post last night to that effect? I guess that’s partly why blogging is so good: you have these things on record.

    Enjoy your meal tonight! 🙂

    1. It’s always made with animal rennet- you know some things eg champagne has to be from the champagne region of france, so some parmesan style cheese might be ok, but actual parmesan will never be vegetarian. But some people are not so strict- one of my veggie friends eats gelatin- she just avoids meat- so maybe your friend is less strict?

  2. Excellent ~ so glad your package arrived in one piece 🙂

    I only manage to run before breakfast because I eat large amounts very late at night: for example I have just finished a ‘snack’ of a huge fruit/sun warrior/cocoa shake AND a 68g Coco Loco Nakd bar and it’s 11:45. And I ate dinner at 8:15. So I am thoroughly stuffed! I don’t know about Andy obviously but most people I know that run first thing have larger evening meals and/or late night snacks.

    Sounds like a brilliant run for you ~ onwards and upwards, I say. And some highly yummy eats too.

    I get irritated when things are labelled vegan that contain honey ~ I think that’s my pet hate as bees are animals too! But in terms of vegetarian options on menus I am in total agreement with you ~ sometimes I’ve even seen fish labelled with a ‘v’! I think with parmesan it does depend on the brand though ~ I don’t think they’re all made with animal rennet, only the truly ‘authentic’ kinds?


  3. Well done on your run!! Amazing! 😀

    I get annoyed about that too! I had the exact same experience in a restaurant before, and something was labelled ‘vegan’ that had milk in it! Well done for writing in though- it’s the only way they’ll notice and change it!

    P.S. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my sad post! It really meant a lot 🙂

  4. Alison- I am starving as soon as I wake up, although I can manage a 3 mile run before breakfast, but that is my limit!Yeah I saw Rob’s post and it is true that is why blogging is so good- I wish I had blogged my first half marathon training as I know that my runs now of the same length are easier.
    Jessica- Andy does have a bigger evening meal that I do, and often has something later on with a cup of tea, so he must be better fuelled for it than I am. Each to their own! You are right about the cheese- if it is parmesan style then it might be vegetarian.
    Simply life- I think the PB is from america.
    Laura- I have seen fish labelled as veggie too! Silly!
    Emma- glad you are feeling more cheerful. And thanks for your comment too 🙂

  5. Bronagh- I have the lovely Jess to thank for it. 🙂
    Ffion- fudge is always a great gift in my opinion! Great minds indeed!

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