Long time no see

Well, a few days anyway!

I am glad that my first busy week is out of the way. First to exercise: Wednesday was a late meeting at work, so I had already moved my run from then to Friday. Thursday was body pump and I was very tired. I still managed the same weights as last week (and kept on the 15kg through the back track until the last break by which time I was very shaky!), but I felt like it was harder work than usual. Today I had a 3 mile gentle run after work. I was very tempted to go further as 3 miles at the moment does not seem far, but as I have a long run planned tomorrow and I was tired from my week I persuaded myself to keep to the 3 miles and have a cup of tea afterwards.

Now to the food- I have had some more delicious snacks!

This is amazing! Seriously! One pot of alpro chocolate, mixed with some PB2 and then topped with Bear granola. Yummy! PB chocolate cherry crunch heaven.

Some Maple hazelnut cereal – this is lovely but very very sweet. Basically like eating crunchy flakes of maple syrup!

A lovely flapjack with pumpkin seeds, apricots and sultanas (I shared it with Andy after body pump as it is massive).

Also after a suggestion from Jess I used some muesli instead of oats to make some porridge;

(Glad I put the packet there as when I was looking through the pics I was wondering why I had two pictures of blueberry porridge). Verdict? Lovely! I thought the nuts would go all squishy or something (as I soak it overnight) but they stayed crunchy. Some of the grains did not soak up the milk so there was a nice chewy texture to it. I had it today too as I was so impressed!

Ok, today my question is- what is the best thing to do with ripe bananas? I have loads and I made banana cookies last weekend (delicious, but only used up one banana and made a million cookies), and I don’t fancy a smoothie. I could make banana cake but we are not seeing Andy’s parents this week so I can’t donate any to them, and my freezer is rather full! So, any ideas will be gratefully received!

Cheers me dears 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Long time no see”

  1. Yay, I have another muesli as porridge convert 🙂 So happy you liked it.

    Your Alpro snack looks brill as well ~ I’m going to have to order some Choco Bear Granola online I swear! I’ve seen it all over blogs but never tried it and obviously chocolate+granola=happy Jessica. Thank God it comes in portioned out packs (though I’ll probably just eat 4 :P)

    Ooh, you’re lifting more than I am in the back track now! My forearms keep giving way so I’ve had to drop down to 12.5kg. Wish I was as strong as you ~ there are some ladies lifting 15 in my class and I keep trying to emulate their technique but so far no success: it’s the two consecutive clean/presses that get me every time: with 15 I can’t straighten my arms properly on the drop in between the raises.

    Sadly bananas don’t last long enough around me to get too ripe so I can’t offer much advice on the recipe front! Laura’s suggestion sounds amazing though.

    Have a well-deserved break this week-end!


  2. Thanks Laura- I just had a look at that recipe and they look amazing- I might attempt it for lunch today on a tortilla wrap 🙂
    Jess- that is my heaviest (I dont squat that much any more) and I cant make it to the end of the track! We have someone who does it with 20kg- mental! I can barely lift that much to move the bar from the rack to my space! It is the forearms where I feel it though- that must be the weakest part and that is why I have to drop down for the final bit. And I think we are stronger in different ways- for the triceps I have 2kg dumbells for the kick backs etc, and only 5kg for the dips and at the end! As High school musical says “we’re different in a good way” or something like that 🙂
    Ffion- I would freeze them but I must have already about 20 frozen bananas- I am a banana hoarder!
    Ah well I will get on it this afternoon anyway!

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