Onwards and upwards


Today was going to be part 2 of operation use up the bananas. But my stomach got worse in the night, and today I have been in more pain- grrrr. I hope this bug works it way out my system soon as I am getting annoyed with it. Thanks for all the lovely messages 🙂 I looked on NHS direct and the advice now is to eat things (it always used to be to not eat anything for 24 hours) but all I have managed so far today is a small bowl of plain porridge and some ginger oat cakes. Not the best. I was also supposed to be making calzone for dinner, but now poor Andy is using the veggies to make a pasta dinner for himself.

Anyway, onto the weekly review. It started off ok!

Monday’s 6 mile run was steady and fine.

Tuesday’s aerobics was good, I tried to take it a little easier than usual.

Wednesday was an enforced rest day due to long work hours.

Thursday was body pump and I managed to keep the same weights as last week

Friday was a 3 mile run which I took as an easy run and was fine.

Saturday was a disaster! Under 4 miles instead of the planned 10. But then being ill has that effect!

All in all, I am looking onwards to next week and trying to forget about the last run!

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7 thoughts on “Onwards and upwards”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling out of sort, I’d missed your pervious post. You have had a cracker of a weak considering what your body has been trying to deal with. Hope it has worked its way through your body xxx ps I’m so addicted to Body Pump I’m tending towards going twice a week – YEIKS 🙂

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