Going bananas!


First, thanks to everyone who commented yesterday- I think I replied to you all but I really appreciated them. I do know that the runs of this length are going to be hard work, and so I just need to do some positive thinking to keep those worry thoughts away. I did not mean to sound fed up, but I really found it hard and I was also much more stiff following on from the run that I have been recently. It was like when I was first training for a half marathon- after 10 miles I was exhausted for the rest of the day, and pretty stiff. (Although after a few hours yesterday I was feeling better, and even had the energy to go the B&Q for compost).

Onto today- I was mega hungry this morning! I think I read that while Alison was training for Berlin she shared out her calories from the long weekend run over the 3 days, and I have started doing this a bit. I had a little extra food on Friday (which isn’t hard as it is a rest day so less cals anyway), and even after an afternoon snack and some dessert I still had about 600 cals left to add on to today (which I needed!).

It started with banana in my porridge- I hardly ever have this but it was so yummy! (and some pb and cinnamon too).

Sooooooo yummy!

Then I used the leftover banana to make a topping for my toast (for lunch)- I mashed the other half with some cocoa powder and some more pb.

This was sooooooo good! I was worried that the cocoa would make it bitter, but the sweetness from the banana balanced it perfectly. Yum.

Ok that is actually all the banana stuff for today. But it was so yummy! And so I wanted it in the title!

I spent the day relaxing, and also standing up in the kitchen doing some cooking while listening to a new Adam and Joe podcast (6 music in case anyone fancies some hilarity/ general silliness to listen to).

Roasted veggies for pasta sauce and peppers for sandwiches this week.

Vegan rocky road cookies (with almonds and chocolate chips).

These merged into super cookies on the tray, and then proceeded to hang on to the tray with all their might!

So I managed to salvage enough to take around for Sunday tea, and the rest are crumbled up in a tub. But they tasted good!

I was so tired standing up though- my knees are a little stiff when I stand up, but I did feel in the afternoon like the energy was fading away from my legs. No walking today. I did plant some seeds 🙂 And do some weeding.

But the seeds are more interesting. Yay! Some pumpkin seeds, yellow and green courgettes, sweetcorn and basil. I love my garden 🙂

Onto this week;

Monday- 9 mile run after work. This went fine, some faster paced miles in there.

Tuesday- Aerobics- better fuelling = better aerobics

Wednesday- 6 mile run fartlek style- finished pretty quick for me

Thursday- Body pump- back with heavier weights

Friday- Rest (well actually rush about after work visiting people/ shopping for work/ getting petrol)

Saturday- 18 mile run. Possibly 19 miles if I believe my Nike+. Or 18.5 if I believe mapometer.com. Either way it was a long way! It got harder as the run went on. But I did it. Which is the main thing. And I am so pleased that I did.

Sunday- Total rest (plus all the weekend relaxing like cooking, baking, gardening, seeing relatives).

Total miles = 33

So another week with all runs and exercises completed. I think I need to look into some sort of stretching thing (like the yoga for runners or similar- any links I would love) to do on my rest days. But I think this week was positive.

On a side note- did anyone see the James Cracknell Toughest Race on Earth? I watched the marathon du sables one yesterday and it was amazing. Not just him doing it (it’s something like 7 marathons in 7 days across the desert) but all the non-elite athletes doing it as well. It was on Discovery so worth a look.

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12 thoughts on “Going bananas!”

  1. Ooh, vegan rocky road cookies — yes please!

    And yes, that was me who spread the calories over the 3 days. There’s no way you can eat all of them in one day anyway — running that far suppresses my appetite big time. It would always hit the next day with me. So if anything, I ate most of them the day before / after.

    And you didn’t sound at all moany yesterday — just understandably tired and worn down. 18 was a killer for me too, that’s when the tables really turned. The main thing is that YOU DID IT. In the run up to a marathon, we just think about the fact that 18 miles is 8 miles short of the distance. But Maria, you still ran 18 frikkin miles!! That’s FAR! So of course you’re tired.

    Rest up, and recoup xx

    1. Thanks Alison 🙂
      Good glad you don’t think I sounded moany!
      Those cookies were from the vegan cookies invade the cookie jar book by the way.

  2. You sounded perfectly normal yeasterday. Its bound to be a bit ‘after the Lord Mayor’s parade’ when the long run is completed – I get like that.

  3. Of course you didn’t sound moaning/fed up with regard to the long run. To me, you simply sounded exhausted, which is entirely understandable.

    Love your banana PB/cocoa on toast: you certainly earned it!


  4. I’d like to join in with other people’s comments on your 18 (or 19) miler – that is a seriously long way, especially when running by yourself. Seriously well done!!

    I really like the strategy of sharing the “extra calories” needed to fuel your long run over 3 days. Exercising hard often kills my appetite and too often I ‘go with that’ and under-eat, only to be freaked out by an insatiable appetite the next day when I might be fairly sedentary (and convince myself that I therefore don’t need to eat more). All I’m doing here is sharing my messed-up attitudes… what I really meant to say is – what you’re doing sounds like a great idea and I’m glad it seems to be working well for you :-). I will try to implement this when I get back to running more.

    x x x

  5. I’ve been thinking about brining bananas back into my diet, will have to monitor it though because they do cause me to be a bit “nasal” and stuff my sinuses around. Hope this week is even better than last weeks mammoth miles, well done 🙂

  6. I love banana porridge, it’s definitely my favourite thing to have for breakfast on a regular basis. I’m very jealous that you’re growing your own produce. I’d love to have green fingers – but I haven’t developed them yet.

    Huge congrats on the long run btw … it’s completely understandable that you were worn out!

  7. Thanks everyone 🙂
    Laura thanks for the link- will save it and then hopefully get around to doing it!

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