Green Smoothie!

Somewhat inspired by a few bloggers- Jessica, Laura and especially Lucy who was very convincing in her arguement that you cannot taste the spinach- I had my first green smoothie today! I got a link from Laura’s site to the actual green monster website (who knew there was such a thing!!) and made it pretty simple. (I also had a yummy food doctor pitta and pear)

It looked like a lot of spinach to me, but it was only 40g, with a frozen banana, a tsp ground flax seeds, and topped up with about 250ml Kara coconut milk, and some xanthan gum to thicken.

I tasted a bit with a spoon from the blender, in case I needed to add anything else, but it seemed pretty tasty.

Super green!

It would not even fit in the glass- I had to drink some and then top it up!

Verdict? I could taste the banana and coconut milk, but I really could not taste the spinach. I normally make smoothies with juice (I don’t make them often as I find they give me a bit of a sugar rush) but actually it was much nicer with the coconut milk.

I might even have another one tomorrow! I had spinach in my fridge to add to a lasagne which I am planning on making tomorrow, so I must save some for that! The only problem will be what to add!

As the day has gone on, my back (I think it was actually the bit of the glutes which was massaged this morning) has felt more and more tender, and when I was walking to the post office my calves felt sore. Other parts feel a bit sore, but I feel like I have a good amount of energy. I got outside and washed my car (my goodness it was filthy!) and then went in the garden for a bit.

Look at my pretty tulips;

Dinner was some delicious chilli (really easy- roasted pepper and aubergine, cooked with kidney beans, tomatoes and lazy chilli) served with some Food Doctor easy cook quinoa + nutritional yeast.

This quinoa was so easy! It is pre cooked, so you just tear open the pouch and either serve cold, or cook in the microwave for 2 mins. The perfect intro to quinoa if you are unsure how to cook it.

So, what should I put in my smoothie tomorrow?– votes on a postcard please. Or perhaps leaving a comment would be quicker 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Green Smoothie!”

  1. *does happy dance & sings*
    …. she drank a green smoothie, yes she di-id 🙂

    Oh and for tomorrow, chop up a pear and slap it in the freezer and use that instead of banana – SCRUMMY!

  2. Yey, so glad you liked the green smoothie, thanks for the link-back and well done for being brave and giving it a go!! 🙂 I’m loving tropical flavours in mine at the moment – frozen or fresh pineapple or mango, with some coconut on top if having it in a bowl. I always put a banana in my spinach ones too, although if I’m using avocado as the base instead then I leave it out. Berries and cocoa powder works well with spinach too.

    Also looking forward to hearing about your lasagne, and love your tulips, so pretty! 🙂

  3. Mwhaaa, we have converted you. Welcome to the Dark Side.

    Ooh, now that’s a question. I love chocolate/cherry green monster combinations (for a simple one you could just use frozen cherries/spinach/milk/gum) but my favourite ever was probably Laura’s Bounty Smoothie. Regardless, I’d say unless you have an aversion to chocolate in the morning then a smidge of cocoa powder really does make GMs taste lovely.

    Such wonderful flowers! I wish I had green fingers (and not the kind from licking the blender contents of my smoothies.)


  4. I love green monsters! I actually hadn’t had one in ages before I made one on Sunday! (I was trying to convert the boyfriend, I think it worked!). I forgot how much I love them, so I made one again today! Plus it was an excuse to try my new Spirulina powder! I think what makes a green monster for me is flax seeds-if theres no flax seeds then I don’t love it!

  5. Well thanks for all the tips! I will probably have it for lunch (not sure if I like the idea of spinach for breakfast, but for lunch that seems fine), I like the idea of cocoa, I like the sound of pear, I like the sound of tropical things- will look in my freezer to see what frozen fruit I have.
    Jessica- it is mostly Andy’s hard work that keeps the plants alive- in the garden they are ok, but I tend to over water things and then they die!

  6. Oooh watermelon sounds lovely- I have some in the freezer but last time I tried it did not agree with my blender!

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