How does my garden grow?


So excuse myΒ absenceΒ for a few days- it has been busy. So a min recap- Tuesday I had my last cup of chocolate tea, along with a 9 bar which I won in Lucy’s giveaway.

Yum! This gave me loads of energy for aerobics and I felt like I was leaping all over the place- love it!

Yesterday we attempted to go to the cinema- we had an early dinner and then walked up, but it was sold out. I wanted to see Bridesmaids as I feel we have seen so many serious films lately- (Shutter Island, The Black Swan to name two)- plus work has been busy so I wanted something light-hearted. Anyway, we walked back and I did some yoga later on.

Breakfasts have been lovely- porridge with strawberries.

One in a pb jar- yum πŸ™‚

And one in a bowl. The bowl is not dirty, but for some reason it goes like that once it has been in the microwave- no idea what it is! Anyway, loving strawberries at the moment.

But, I wanted to show you my garden πŸ™‚

I got this for my birthday (it is a Birthday Rose)- so pretty. The flowers are little and so delicate.

These are Hollyhocks which I grew from seed a couple of years ago. I did not think they had made it, as none of them flowered last year, but this year they are so tall (taller than the fence)- even though they are English flowers I think they look so tropical.

Some other pretty flowers (Laviteria- not sure how you spell it).


And my fave part of the garden (well, it will be soon).

My little veggie patch! We actually have some courgettes growing that will be big enough to be picked soon! Including some yellow ones! How exciting! I think the corn needs some sunshine though. There are also pumpkin, butternut squash and carrots. πŸ™‚ My strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants are by my apple tree, and of course I love growing all that fruit.

So- how does your garden grow? And I count pots of basil on windowsills! What is your favourite thing to grow?

And I am off to body pump- fingers crossed that the music grows on me a little this week!

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13 thoughts on “How does my garden grow?”

  1. My garden…doesn’t grow. Seriously, I am the only person in the world capable of killing a Cactus. And a spider plant. My Dad, on the other hand, is SO green-fingered. He’s growing courgettes this year πŸ™‚ He really shouldn’t be putting so much work in, but he’s a stubborn old bugger (like me!) and doesn’t ‘do’ rest. Love him to bits though.

    Your roses caught my eye: roses are my absolute favourite flower and the pic of yours just took my breath away. They’re gorgeous.

    I’ve just tried that chocolate tea and I’m relieved to find I’m not the only one that adores it with milk added (I use rice dream original). It’s lovely and sweet and I’m hoping it’ll help with my chocolate/sugar/coffee/caffeine issues. Not sure which one you use as I think it’s probably a different brand, but I’m drinking Yogi chocolate spice.


  2. Your garden looks lovely Laura. I’m very impressed that you found time to keep it up together with all the marathon training.

    Mine is sorely neglected as I didn’t do the normal April dig over as I was loathe to do anything that might strain my knee! Luckily mine is a cottage garden so can get away with a certain amount of weeds!

    Your hollyhocks are gorgeous!


  3. I don’t have a garden! Well, thats a lie, I have a small patch of gravel outside our flat that gets very little sun unfortunately so my ‘garden’ consists of a couple of pots of fresh herbs on my windowsill which I adore and use all the time πŸ™‚

  4. Right, there’s lots of flowers in the garden (but they don’t interest me) so in the vegetable garden we’ve got…3 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, aubergine, a few chilli plants, basil, coriander, lots of different salad leaves, new potatoes, king Edwards, various herbs, leeks, spring onions, chard, PS broccoli, savoy cabbage, pointed cabbage, sprouts, garlic, radishes, watercress, 2 butternut squash and a solitary runner bean (that the youngest had grown at school). Plus we’ve a couple of apple trees, plum tree, redcurrants, rhubarb, gooseberry.

    Tonight’s tea included new potatoes and various leaves from the garden and the kids pasta sauce included chillis, courgettes and basil. Need to fill some gaps at the weekend though. More quick salad crops.

  5. Rob your garden sounds amazing! I would love to be able to grow all those things. And I love the runner bean thing- we do that at school too and send them home- the poor parents never seem that happy about it but the kids love it! We tried salad and beetroot but for some reason they never take, not sure why.
    Laura- fresh herbs are just so lovely πŸ™‚
    Rose- to be honest it is Andy that does the hard work and I do the gentle weeding, planting of seeds and potting on (the delicate stuff)- he does the watering and stuff too. So it mainly grows because Andy looks after it! My tea was Teapigs chocolate tea, but the yogi stuff looks good too.
    Jessica- I killed cacti (?) too! And I am not allowed to water our houseplants because they die! Although I do have 2 spider plants in my classroom that I am keeping alive!

  6. Probably to do with the soil Maria. I find brassicas, potatoes and salad crops grow really well but I’ve twice tried carrots and onions and they were a complete waste of time. Never got round to looking up what might be causing it and what I can do – just stuck to what i know works.

    1. I suppose so- our soil is terrible as when we moved here it was basically rubble covered with turf- each time we dig it over and plant new things we add more compost and chicken manure and stuff like that, but perhaps the more delicate things find it hard to grow here. We have had more success with courgettes, and we eat a lot of them, so it makes sense to keep growing them. Once day I will have an allotment!

    1. We managed tomatoes one year, but then the next year the plants died and have never managed it since πŸ™ ah well.

  7. Your garden looks lovely – I wish I had greener fingers. My Dad is a great gardener, so maybe I need to go to him for lessons.
    I’m hopefully going to go to see Bridesmaids this afternoon, but maybe I will book tickets.

  8. It all looks so lovely πŸ˜€ You must be green fingered!
    I manage to kill every plant that comes in contact with me… i tried to keep a basil plant but it got mould and died πŸ™ My boyfriend won’t even let me water his bonsai tree in case i kill it haha!

  9. That rose is beautiful! I love clematis too.
    I’ve got an apple and a plum tree in my garden but don’t grow vegetables because my dad loves it – I just go to his and take all that – it halves my food shopping bill in the summer!
    Your veg garden looks brilliant, there’s nothing like home-grown stuff πŸ™‚

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