Back with a bump

So after the excitement of the weekend it was back to work with a bump!

I also realised I forgot (yet again) to do my Sunday training review and my memory is terrible! So here is what I remember:

Monday- run after work. Think it was about 5.7 miles or something.

Tuesday- Aerobics. Super sweaty. Full press ups! (Although my hands were sliding across the floor due to being so sweaty)

Wednesday- Audiofuel run- found it hard work but did it. Plus 25 mins yoga for runners.

Thursday- Body pump. Right, I have a question. At the moment I can do 15kg squats, but by the end it is my neck/ back that hurts. Do people have those special bar coater things to help with this? In the winter I kept my hoody on for that track and used the hood as a cushion- no way can I do that in the summer. I am putting it on the right place, according to my instructor anyway. So tips welcome.

Friday- 3.1 mile run before work. This set me up nicely for the day and helped with the body pump aches I am sure,

Saturday and Sunday- walking around Silverstone. I even forgot yoga because it did not feel like a Sunday! Whoops!

After work I planned a run- I headed out (complete with new red shock absorber Run bra πŸ™‚ Β – I could do a magazine thing; “Top- Nike running specially chosen to clash with; Β Bra (just seen)- Shock Absorber, sweaty messy face and hair-models’ own”) but I think I was probably a bit dehydrated from the weekend. I really hate using public toilets, and while I do use them (silly I know) I also drink way less when out so I have to queue for less. So at the race yesterday I think I had less than 1 litre of water all day (I did have stuff at home too, but it was hot). Plus I could not work out when would be a good time to go because I wanted to see the drivers parade, the red arrows and stuff, and had to allow half an hour for queuing. Anyway today a mile or so into my run I felt really weak and a bit shaky. I had taken water with me so made myself push on, and then the water I was drinking started making me feel sick. I had to stop for a bit, and then walked for a few minutes. I was having a conversation with myself that went like this;

You have run 3 miles already, you can do 3 more”.

“But I feel really bad, I don’t want to make myself ill”.

Mind over matter, come on you are just lethargic“.

“No, I think I am actually not in shape to run- come on you are not training for anything at the moment, and at least you did a run today”.

OK, fine, we will try again on Wednesday“.

So that is what I will be doing. Home for some coconut water with pineapple! Yum! Tastes like pineapple juice. πŸ™‚ Once home I felt fine, but I think I probably was dehydrated, and it is warm out there (plus yet again, I spent all afternoon outside teaching PE so not ideal). I have cooled down now!

So body pumpers- how do you cope with a heavy bar?

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8 thoughts on “Back with a bump”

  1. I think hydration really makes a difference to running performance, especially stamina. I don’t do too well in warm weather either!
    It sounds like you did the right thing, but those internal battles are frustrating!

  2. Well done on listening to your body! I always feel so ill when I’m even a little dehydrated. I have no tips on the bar issue, I used to get bruises on my shoulder bones from them.

  3. Hi, first time commenter de-lurking. I personally don’t have a problem with the bar during squats during BP (that bit of my shoulders must be quite meaty!), but two girls in my class use those foam sleeve things (theirs are from Decathlon), and a few others roll up a small hand/gym towel and put that under the bar. HTH!

  4. Hiya,

    I reckon that you were wise to listen to your body. Dehydration is not to be messed with and it sounds like you definitely had a lack of liquid on Sunday!

    I don’t do bodybump but some of my physio exercises involve squatting with the barbell and I have to put a rolled up towel over my neck. It does get a bit annoying if it falls off though so I reckon those foam things sound a lot better!


  5. Hmm, that’s a difficult one to answer. I had problems with the bar when I first started Body Pump but that’s because I was tending to balance it too far forward: when I rolled it back further so it rested on the meatier part of my upper back it was a lot more comfortable ~ weight should be in the heels on squats anyway, and you need to be able to wiggle your toes when you’re squatting. Even at my thinnest I never had an issue after I’d adjusted technique with neck soreness, but a few of the guys that lift HUGE weights (we’re talking four reds or more on each side here) do have foam pads for their bars.

    If your technique is definitely okay then I’m not sure what to advise…could it be to do with tension? If you’re hunching your shoulders then the bar won’t balance properly. Grr, I wish I could help more!

    Careful with the hydration!! I’ve been read the riot act over the state of my kidneys for not hydrating properly and I’ve never had a UTI (you had one right before the marathon, I think?) Very sensible decision to get some coconut water down: I have finally located the mango one so have high hopes I’ll actually be able to drink it!


  6. Jessica I hope you like the mango one! πŸ™‚ Yes you are right I know I need to be careful about the drinking to help stop the UTI’s- although I was told the worse thing was to not go when I needed to, so not drinking stopped that problem. Hmm. Anyway it was only for one day!
    Do you know I bet it is to do with tension too- I always get tension in my back when running (although it has been loads better) so perhaps it is that more.
    Rose maybe I will take a towel or something with me and try that out. Thanks πŸ™‚

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