How to make chia pudding?

Evening all! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Especially the tennis! I got a text from my Dad saying he would be doing the Men’s final, but I had already arranged to go and visit a friend, so I taped it and am watching it now (just saw him!!)- I did listen to the match on my drive home but it is hard to listen while driving.

Anyway, I spent Sunday out visiting, and did do some yoga in the evening. So here is the belated (yet again) training for the previous week.

Monday- Just under 6 mile run- it was baking that day and I really struggled.

Tuesday- Aerobics- I was full of energy and loving it!

Wednesday- Rest day- walk up to cinema only to find film sold out! Walk home and yoga.

Thursday- Body pump- most notable was the full real press ups! OK so only 4, but still!

Friday- Audiofuel intervals- hard work (esp the fastest ones as you would expect)- followed by cheesecake! (Well, not right away)

Saturday- 8.5ish mile run, then helping at Summer Fayre

Sunday- Rest day- and yoga.

I am pleased I have kept up the yoga twice a week, and I might look at some of the other podcasts available for some variety.

Other stuff- I tried some chia seeds yesterday. They have been a bit of a craze (and raved about in Born to Run) and I looked for them in the little Wholefoods in London. Anyway, Lucy offered to send me some!

I mixed a small mashed banana with some cocoa powder, then added a tbsp chia seeds and a splash of milk, and left it in the fridge all day. I had it after my yoga in the evening and it was lovely- the chia seeds soaked up the milk and obviously banana and cocoa is already a winning combo!

I topped it with a pear and some garden strawberries- yum πŸ™‚

Also ages and ages ago I tried some of the Nature’s Path cereal, and also joined their mailing list. A while back they sent an email saying “click here for free cereal” and I did, thinking it would be a small pack. Well it came in the post!

A real proper sized box of cherry and coconut cereal. Yummylicious indeed!

And today I had a run after work- I did the same route as last week but my legs felt heavy (not sure why as I rested yesterday- maybe teaching PE all afternoon in the heat?)- I picked up the pace at the end but it still took me 64mins (only a couple of mins faster than last week in that baking weather). Ah well I will take that I suppose.

I have also signed up to some more races- The Brighton half marathon and the Silverstone half marathon, and…..

.. next weekend Andy and I are off to Silverstone to see the Grand Prix!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! πŸ™‚ Β He surprised me on Friday and I am so excited! πŸ™‚

Any exciting races or other plans for you guys?

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13 thoughts on “How to make chia pudding?”

  1. Very exciting news about the Grand Prix πŸ™‚
    I love chia seeds – I’m lucky that I’ve found a shop in Cambridge that sells them. I haven’t tried them in a pudding like yours, but it sounds yummy. I like them best added to porridge – they make it go really creamy and thick!

  2. Woo well done on the real push ups! I personally think 1 is impressive. I struggle with the girly ones!
    The grand prix will be amazing, and then it’ll be pretty cool to run the half marathon there after seeing it! I need to join more food mailing lists, and I need to get some chia seeds in my life. I keep putting them in my amazon basket and then deciding I could spend the money on something better. I think I will have to just bite the bullet!
    Also, would you like my copy of the china study once I’m done with it? I’m not going to read it again and it’ll only gather dust – I’d rather it get read again!

  3. Bugger, now I find myself in the awful predicament wishing my father-in-law gets a 24 hour bug starting Saturday night so *I* get to go with hubby to grand pirx!!! I bet you have an amazing time.

    Go you with full push-ups, now you’ve started you’ll challenge yourself to keep it up, well done xx

    1. Thanks! Yeah Andy’s Dad did tell me that if I really didn’t want to go then he would take my ticket haha! And yes with the push ups you are right, I just hope after my holiday I can keep it up!

  4. Sarah- I have seen them added to porridge before, so I might give that a go too.
    Leigh- I do that with so much stuff! I need bigger cupboards too! :)Also I will have to find something to swap for the book if you are sure (once you have finished it). :)I love a good swap!

  5. You lucky lucky thing! Would love to be going to Silverstone (although the bike racing is more my thang!).

    I’ve no idea what chia seeds are but they sound very interesting!


    1. Rose they are on a lot of blogs from USA- they are high in omega 3s and things like that.

  6. I’ve never tried chia seeds but i keep seeing them everywhere, that pudding sounds like a really good way to incorporate them into your diet and get all those lovely omega fats πŸ™‚

    Woo hoo for the cerea too! I’m going to head over to the website right now and sign up for the mailing list, love it when stuff like that happens!

    1. I love their cereal anyway but I love it when they do little treats like that πŸ™‚ Or big treats!

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