Rude Health Oaty Thins!

First of all, that is what I am excited about! When I got home from work today I tried a couple of them, and I love them! They are similar to rice cakes, in that they are big and sort of puffy, but without the weird stick-to-your-tongue texture that rice cakes have, plus they feel a bit more substantial.

One with pb&co maple peanut butter (not much of this left now!) and one with coconut butter and meridian raspberry spread, after this combo was recommended. I must say, it was lovely πŸ™‚ I have never eaten coconut butter raw before, only used it in cooking, but it was nice to have that hint of coconut flavour to the snack. I also had my final Teapigs chai tea πŸ™ Until my tea cupboard gets a bit emptier (remember my hoarding confessional post?) I cannot order any more. Β Although they do sell it on Ocado and I am about to do a shop……..

Anyway, I love those oaty thins and I kind of wish I had bought the multigrain ones too, just to try them. Once these have been eaten that will be my next stop I think.

I have body pump later so I made a pudding to have when I get home;

All my ingredients ready (well nearly, I forgot the xanthan gum). Mash banana, add cocoa powder and pb (Sainsburys pb with chocolate chips, which is nice but not as good as dark chocolate dreams), then pour on coconut milk, sprinkle on xanthan gum and whisk, then add chia seeds.

The bowl gets so messy from all the stirring but I am not putting it in a clean bowl just for the photo I am afraid! This is thickening up in the fridge as I type.

Also I have been reading everyone’s “What I eat Wednesday” posts and feel left out! I keep thinking I should join in, and then the week goes by and before I know it I am reading them all over again, thinking “whoops, I should have done it”. Next week I am off, so I might even get around to doing it (but then after that I will be away for loads of Wednesdays). Anyone else not jumped on that bandwagon yet?

Right, off to body pump and then, hooray, the last day of the summer term πŸ™‚

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20 thoughts on “Rude Health Oaty Thins!”

  1. I will look out for those thins, and I will be making alix take me so sainsburies on the weekend for some choc chip pb! You don’t have to photograph what you ate on a wednesday, just post on that day, could be easier for you! I love seeing what people eat over the course of a day!

  2. I love reading everyones WIAW posts but don’t do them myself … hoping to trend “Wordless Wednesday” once I get it wordless that is πŸ˜‰

  3. I did my first WIAW last week and it was really good fun! I’ve tried to steer away from posting everything I eat, but it’s nice to do it every so often.
    Those oaty thins sound good, but I don’t think that they would last very long around me!

  4. Apologies if you get loads of comments from me – I’ve been struggling!
    I love WIAW – I wish that I’d joined the party earlier!
    Those oaty cakes look good – they wouldn’t last long around me πŸ™‚

  5. Happy holidays Maria! Am always very jealous of all my teacher friends on this day of the year.

    I might even be tempted by WIAW as I always have my very pretty avocado salad baguette for lunch and yummy snacks as it is running club day!

  6. Glad it is not just me who forgets to do it each week!
    Rose, I like the sound of your pretty lunch- maybe we should do our first one together ?

  7. I am exactly the same with the WIAW stuff – whenever I see those posts, I feel like I could participate too, but then other week passes and I am still “off”… But when I think about it, I never really liked the idea of “jumping on the bandwagoon”, I am a but of a solitaire πŸ™‚ Maybe we should make up our own “tradition”, Maria! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah what shall we do instead? I quite like alliteration of some kind. I have seen Things I love Thursday, so we can’t do that day either. Hmm, will have a think!

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