WIAW- first run back

So after just getting into this before my holiday, I have missed the last 3.

I was excited to join the party again! Thanks to Jenn as always.

So this is what I ate yesterday (as we can choose any day from the week).


Porridge (oats, Kara coconut milk and raisins) in my Mighty Maple Jar (from the bloggie food swap). Delish.

Then I went on my first run since my holiday (about 5.7 miles I think) and I needed a snack when I got home!


An alpro strawberry soya milk, and a cute clif mini bar! Seriously how cute is that??? I bought one box of them while we were away. I love mini things!

I was off for an afternoon with some of my friends, so I had half my lunch before I went (mainly because I was hungry and we always eat quite late as it is about an hours drive away and we chat!).

Apple, nectarine, 2 rude health multigrain thins (I love these more than the oaty thins I think) with White chocolate Wonderful (from my holiday- I could not wait to try it!!).

Our lunch consisted of a Food doctor pitta, some dips (taziki and hummus), crisps, ย and peppers, cucumber and carrots.

(we all provide different bits- so this was what I was taking).

I did not eat any of the crisps, and only had about a tablespoon of the taziki in the end, but I was given a glass of diet pepsi. I have not had fizzy drinks for ages. When I was younger I never liked fizzy drinks, and I think as I got older I trained myself to like them (plus as I don’t drink alchohol it meant I could still have something when out with friends). But I have really gone off them, and I read an article about how something (phosphorus?) in them basically leaches the calcium from your bones which put me off further. I also used to get more headaches, and did wonder if they were to blame. Plus they contain artificial sweeteners, they cause your appetite to go up- so many bad points. I don’t think I have had any in at least a year. ย Anyway, I had the glass as I thought that it would not hurt. We had a fab time catching up, playing games and wandering around the town, but by the time I left (which was about 8pm I think) I was getting a headache. I thought I was hungry, so when I got home I made a proper dinner. (I was thinking I would have a bagel or something, as it was gone 9pm, but then I thought that if I was going out for dinner I would eat that late, and I was hungry!)

So dinner;

I baked in the oven a courgette, some tomatoes, pepper, some quinoa that was already cooked and some basil tofu, which I sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. This was delish.

While that was cooking I baked some apples and blackberries (from my parents garden- they have grown loads this year) and had some with an alpro pot. It would have gone better with vanilla, but I only had chocolate ones.

When I woke up this morning I still had the headache- it was only a fuzzy one, not really bad, but I think it actually might have been down to the diet pepsi- next time I will have to make sure I drink water like I normally do.

So my question is- do you drink fizzy drinks (diet ones or regular ones)? And do you feel that they affect you in any way?

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17 thoughts on “WIAW- first run back”

  1. I’m really not a fizzy fan. I hate drinking them because I always feel like I get loads of pressure building up in my nose from the fizz. I wouldn’t ever choose one in a restaurant or anything and I’d much rather have water or juice. Orangina is okay but other than that…. As for diet stuff, as a rule, I don’t really agree with them and I think a lot of the time all the extra crap they put in them to make them “diet” or “low sugar” make you feel funny or just not right. Probably all in my head though!

    I love all the PB&Co action going on in your WIAW!

    1. Yes that is what I meant about the diet chemicals. I have read things that say that if you have artificial sweeteners, your brain expects sugar from the taste, but does not get it, so then you crave more, and people drinking diet foods ate more overall. I used to be terrible- I had all yoghurts that were artificially sweetened, those alpen bars (which I had again recently and were horrible, not sure how I convinced myself I liked them but they were about 60 cals I think)- now I think I avoid artificial sweeteners altogether (except for the pepsi yesterday but that has just confirmed to me that I don’t want to have it).
      Yeah the pb and co is amazing! I have no space in my cupboards so had to finish one before I started on the next, but luckily the maple one was used up this week so I could try the next one- hooray!

  2. I don’t touch fizzy drinks at all, I hate them, they make me feel completely ill plus knowing how bad they are for you just makes me avoid them even more! When I’m out and don’t want to drink (all I drink alcohol wise is red wine and cocktails) I have soda water which is ok!

    1. I tend to only have water when I am out (and get told off for being boring)- sometimes a juice but I don’t really drink juice anyway. I had a lot of iced tea (unsweetened) when I was on holiday, but that is not typically over here either. Fizzy drinks don’t make me feel ill, I don’t think, but I am convinced that it is what caused my headache (I used to get them but think it was for other reasons which I discounted), so I will be continueing to avoid them now.

  3. Yes, fizzy drinks have a terrible effect on me and make my stomach blow up like a balloon! They also give me terrible headaches, but I think that’s because I tend to go for Pepsi Max and that has a lot of caffeine. I haven’t had one in a while though, despite being tempted by the cherry variety, because they do indeed leech calcium from bones and that’s the last thing I need with osteopoenia!

    I seriously cannot believe you made that jar last ever since the blogger swap: it would have been gone within seconds around me!


    1. Yes but don’t forget I have been away for 3 weeks, and for 3 days before that! SO minus a month from when I got it for the time it lasted haha!

  4. Gosh so many people avoiding the fizzy on here- when my friends think I am weird for not having it! Yet another reason to love the blogging community haha!

  5. First of all, the sight of Mighty Maple makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Secondly, I LOVE Diet Coke…but I try to limit my intake because once I have one, it’s like a drug and I immediately want more. I DO try to balance with water, though!

  6. I used to drink diet coke every single day! And when I felt tired I’d switch to sugar free red bull… I swear I was wired for about 3 years! Sheesh- I don’t even want to think about what that did to my insides. Now I drink a helluva lot of water- still and carbonated. It makes me feel cleaner (does that sound weird?).
    I totally get you on the headaches though- caffeine does that to me now too!

  7. The basil tofu/quinoa dish looks lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ I love basil tofu!
    I’ve only ever drank diet fizzy drinks because that’s what my dad drinks, but nowadays i find fizzy drinks really difficult to drink, i just don’t like the feel of the fizz in my mouth. I prefer water or wine ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I love your stash of PB&Co! I really wish I could find the mighty maple around here. That stuff has to be amazing!!

    I don’t drink fizzy drinks at all- they really make my stomach upset since I hardly ever drink them. Just a little bit and I’m burping like crazy!

  9. Interesting that you noticed the effect so soon; it must have been the Pepsi if you never drink it and just shows how full of rubbish they are! Sadly, I do drink them but only at weekends and if I go out – I should cut them out completely like you do though and especially having seen this about how quick they make you feel bad ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love those Rude Health thins too; much more taste than rice cakes, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the White Chocolate Wonderful; DCD is definitely my favourite!

  10. I don’t drink fizzy drinks often, but it’s not the fizz that gets me. Most artificial sweeteners give me a bad headache and make my tongue get this awful coating. Maybe it was that instead of the fizz that gave you the headache.

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