Active recovery?

Not sure if that is entirely accurate, but it is what came to mind!

I had my run this morning- while waiting for breakfast to go down I warmed up my new running jacket from Old Navy.

I worked out how to turn off the flash (after 3 attempts) but now not sure how to turn it back on oops! Anyway, the main reason I love it is because of this:

Thumb hole things! I love them! But I realised it does not have a tab over the zipper so I will need to either not do it all the way up or get some kind of neck warmer thing. Ah well, it was too warm to run with a jacket today.

I did my same route up to the lakes and back, which is just under 6 miles. I was getting a weird stomach feeling, which was maybe a stitch, or something, so after 40 mins I walked for a bit, and then finished running on the way home. I was quicker than Tuesday, and I felt better too (and only walked once) so I think my legs and lungs are remembering what to do!

Home to a snack- soya milk with nesquik and a coconut chocolate chip clif bar. Yum.

The other day Andy and I walked up to the allotment after dinner, and all my good work had been overgrown with weeds. So after a shower we headed up there, armed with a massive fork each. Now many hands may make light work, but this all depends on what work there is to begin with. We spent 2 hours digging before deciding to come home for lunch and a rest. So I felt OK after my run, but not so good after all that digging! We have a small patch left (maybe 2 metres square) so we will have to tackle that tomorrow (and get something to put down so the weeds don’t just come back again).

Lunch was thrown together in 2 mins as I was starving! An apple, lettuce, Food Doctor pitta and more lovely hummus 🙂 And we shared the pitta chips which were nice too, kind of reminded me of disco crisps- anyone remember those?

Dinner was another quick meal. Andy was also given some Warburtons flat-bread things, so we used those as a basis for a mexican meal. In a pan I cooked one chopped red onion, added a drained tin of kidney beans, some tomato puree and chilli, and mashed. Then I added a chopped red pepper and small tin of sweetcorn. We warmed the flat-breads in the oven for 5 minutes, and served with salad and guacamole. Delish and so speedy.

Not sure if digging up the garden was the best recovery from a run, but at least tomorrow we don’t have much more to do.

Time for some mint tea now, I am sure that helps me recover, right?

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10 thoughts on “Active recovery?”

  1. Gardening, particularly digging, absolutely kills me. It’s a strength workout comparible to a particularly evil Body Pump session!

    I used to love Disco crisps, specifically the salt and vinegar flavour that was so vinegary that it made my lips curl back from my gums! Then I discovered Pringles and Discos rather fell by the wayside…

    All of your meals look so fresh and summery 🙂

    P.S I live for jackets with thumbholes too 😉

  2. Not aching too much today, but have not gone down to finish it off yet 🙂
    Glad everyone else loves the thumb holes too 🙂

  3. Sarah you are so right, being active does help really- I know what you mean about being super stiff after sitting down too long.
    Laura- I get cold hands too plus I hate the air getting in (eg always tuck in tops so no gap around the waist).
    Sable- Good old Old Navy 🙂

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