The good and the bad

First of all the good.

I have been loving bircher muesli for breakfast lately.

This one is nectarine, 25g oats, 100g soya yoghurt and 100ml soya milk and a lot of cinnamon, all left to mingle overnight. Yum.

And the same but with 80g frozen cherries instead of the nectarine, and sprinkled with coconut in the morning.

I had my sweet potato and kidney bean burgers again and they were yummy (with some rocket and some quinoa cooked with tomatoes, beetroot, spinach and courgette).

I found out that Ocado now stock Rude Health Multigrain thins 🙂

I got up super early on Friday to fit in a little run, and it was great. I only did 2 miles but I did that in 20 minutes and I was feeling like I am getting faster again.

I went to the Waffle house on friday! That is always good!

I opened my Starbucks chai and had a cup. Yum.

When I was tidying out my cupboards I found a whole box of Teapigs rooibos creme caramel! I thought I had finished the last teabag ages ago, so it was a lovely surprise! 🙂

I had my hair cut again (and in fact nearly forgot- I noticed it on the calendar when I went to add the shopping delivery time!). I feel I leave the hairdresser with a normal amount of hair!

And I made something fun in the microwave. Guesses? Answer at the end!

And now onto the bad.

I missed body pump on Thursday due to a late meeting at work (I got home at 8 whereas it starts at 7.15).

I had a rubbish run today. I think I am in fact under the weather. My tum felt a little weird before I left, so I waited around a little longer. My whole run was such hard work, I stopped a few times to re-tie my hair and I really appreciated the walking. I was not that much slower than before- it was a while since I had run that route, but it just felt so bad. And all day I have had a sort of tummy ache, so not sure if I ate something bad yesterday, but I think on reflection I should have not gone out this morning as it made me feel worse.

I am almost out of Rude Health Multigrain thins (but no need to worry- see the good points above!).

At least I have more good than bad.

Oh, and I made play-dough in my microwave- did you guess it?

(Add on)-

After dinner on Saturday I felt really bad, and when Andy got back from football (at about 12) we ended up turning the house up-side down looking for the immodium he bought to take to Stockholm, but never used, but to no avail. He did go out Sunday morning to get me some, and so I spent Sunday laying about, drinking water and nibbling on dry toast. But anyway I feel better now. No idea what that was.

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17 thoughts on “The good and the bad”

  1. I’m loving nectarines at the moment – so sweet and juicy 🙂
    I had no idea that it was play-dough, but it’s very cool – I hope you had fun 😉
    It’s a tough call when you feel under the weather because sometimes running can make you feel a whole lot better. Maybe the trick is to try it out for 10 minutes or so and give up if you still feel bad.

  2. I’ve always been told that unless you are like streaming with cold/can’t breathe properly or it’s raining, you will probably be okay on a shorter run. I tend to see how I feel, you can always just go for a walk instead if you’re not sure?! I agree with Sarah, maybe give it 10 mins and see how you feel?

    Your hair is nice and shiny!!! 🙂

  3. Sorry about your tummy! Sometimes I too get mystery symptoms that last maybe a day(for example dizziness, or feeling sick). Could be a virus that the body is dealing with, so that you don’t exactly get sick but it makes you feel under the weather. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Oh no, hope you feel better soon x
    That’s a gorgeous picture of you; your hair’s so thick and shiny, wow! I’d love hair like that 🙂
    And all the food you’ve pictured on here looks so good; like my ideal day of eating!

  5. I love your hair! It looks so healthy and shiny. I really wish I could get my hair to look like that. It’s naturally it’s usually all over the place!

    Glad your stomach’s feeling better. I ate a ton of dry grains yesterday when my stomach was upset, too. That always seems to help.

    1. Yeah all I fancy is really plain things, no fruit or protein or anything like that.
      And thanks re the hair- I have a lovely hairdresser 😉

  6. Ahhh my mum used to make play dough… I think I used to eat it too haha bleughhh

    Those burgers look amazing, I’m always seeing gorgeous veggie burgers in blog land but mine usually seem to turn out a bit sloppy haha

    1. Yeah I can believe you used to eat it- I have had kids in my class eat it, and also smuggle it home in their pockets to eat it later- yuck! At least it is only flour, salt, bicarb and oil, so nothing poisonous!

  7. Your sweet potato and bean burgers look great! Whenever I make bean burgers I find it really difficult to get them to hold together. Have you posted the recipe somewhere?

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