Butternut and goats cheese wraps and WISHES!


I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Last week (inspired by Lucy) I decided to have a go at making butternut squash and goats cheese wraps- Lucy called her enchiladas- I am never sure of the technical meaning of the different mexican names, but these are baked in the oven with a sauce.

Anyway, here is mine!

First I browned a red onion and some butternut squash (I cheated – gasp– by using ready chopped stuff- it was about 2/3 of the bag I think)- I used a tsp coconut oil in the pan.

Then I put 4 wraps in a dish, and put the veggies in there, and then sprinkled with some goats cheese. This goats cheese was herby stuff from Delamere Dairy, which is yummy (and all suitable for veggies too). Mistake alert– I should have greased the dish as they were hard to get out! I do normally so not sure why I forgot!

The folding is the hardest part!

Then covered them in tomato sauce- Lucy used passata I think, but I only had tinned tomatoes so I reduced it in a pan for a bit with some sundried tomato paste. Could have done with some more but I don’t like them too saucy.

These baked for 20 minutes (I think). This is clearly not a real recipe as I cannot even remember what I did! Whoopsie!

I had one and a half with some salad, and they were lovely- a nice change from our usual bean wraps. If I made them again I probably would add some beans, or maybe some other veggies, but I loved the goats cheese and butternut combo. πŸ™‚

I used the rest of the goats cheese and butternut another day to have a warm salad which was amazing. This was spinach leaves, quinoa cooked with beetroot, peppers, courgette, tomato, with roasted butternut and sprinkled with herby goats cheese and some caramelised onion chutney.


Last night after work I went for a little 2 mile run,as I knew today I would be feeling antsy otherwise. It helps get rid of the ache from body pump too. Getting ready for the 10K tomorrow- fingers crossed for no rain.

So today I made some scones as my parents were coming over;

I used the recipe from The Great British Book of Baking (last series- I was inspired after watching the masterclass show this morning)- but it was way too wet and I had to add more flour. Anyway, they turned out pretty good. Also, what is the deal with Paul Hollywood? I just don’t get the attraction at all!

We walked up to the allotment (and my parents could not resist doing some weeding even though we were just going to look!)- and then came home to warm up- coffee for them and tea for me. My first “real” cup of tea for 4 weeks I think- ah teapot how I have missed you. My scone used up the last of my meridian raspberry spread- and it was delicious πŸ™‚

I have also been baking (bribes for work)- but I will save that for tomorrow- this is just a hint- any guesses?

Oh, and look what arrived yesterday;

Yup! 6 jars of DCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I was on holiday I received an email from The Fairy Hobmother who works for Appliances Online- she was floating around the blogosphere all summer granting wishes to different bloggers- her mission is to bring joy and happiness to the world’s bloggers by providing treats for great, hard work in the blogosphere. I had mentioned my wish on this post, and it was actually granted! How exciting! They ordered them for me but they kept on getting delayed, (and I was even given the option to choose something else instead) but I decided that they would be worth the wait!

So if you have a wish, feel free to comment below (with your email) as this post may well be visited by the Fairy Hobmother too- good luck!

Also please don’t forget that my giveaway is still open- look here for details.

Oh, and what should I do with all the DCD? πŸ˜‰

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25 thoughts on “Butternut and goats cheese wraps and WISHES!”

  1. Gosh those wraps sound and look so delicious! I love goats cheese with anything and bet it goes amazingly with roasted squash and red onions, yum.

    You’re so lucky receiving those pb&co DCD jars! I would def stash a few jars away for future use and then maybe use some up in baking too? I bet you could make some lovely muffins with it, or flourless DCD cookies? You could substitute it in pretty much any recipe that requires peanut butter I imagine. You’d have no problems with yr fundraising baking I’m sure πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh my goodness – so many jars!! That is amazing πŸ™‚

    Fairy Hobmother, if you are reading I would really love some new GHDs as mine are on their way out! Or a way for me to place a small iherb order πŸ™‚

    Your wraps look amazing Maria x

  3. Mmm, so much lovely food in just one post!

    Although that ‘clue’ picture has me stumped…is that PB and cheese going on there? Very intriguing!

    Ooh, you’re so lucky to have won that DCD πŸ™‚ Obviously I’d just eat the lot straight from the jar with a spoon (or fingers. Ahem) But I’m sure you’ll find a better use for such delicious peanut butter.

    I’d wish for Kashi and/or Nature’s Path cereals I think, or possibly Clif Bars. They have such a wonderful selection in the US that we don’t have here!


  4. I have wraps, goats cheese (brought back from Switzerland by mum), red onions, tinned toms & butternut! (Funny story: me to mum “no sweet potato at tesco” (like i had added to the shopping list) mum: “whats that?” pointing to veg item “umm its a butternut…thats why the large sticker on it says ‘butternut’…” “Ah…yes….um…”)

    Looks like i’ve just planned a meal for this week! success, thank you Maria!

    6 jars/boxes/packets of things would actually probably stress me, i prefer thing 1 at a time. The DCD will keep won’t it? challenge – see how long you can make it last πŸ˜‰ I doubt the FairyHob Mother can fix major things like anxiety, digestive issues or employment etc. Having finally taken the step to wear a sleeveless top & show my scars/arms at the gym, i think i need some new sports tops/vests for Pump/Step/Attack/Combat etc Maybe the Fairy Hobmother could point me in the right direction? Trouble is i’m still so picky about them even though i’ve taken off the 1/2 length sleeve specification.

    Have you done Body Pump 79 yet Maria? We launched it at my gym today. After things i’d heard it didn’t seem as tough as i was expecting… and i didn’t even drop my weights much like i had planned to, being a new release. What do you think?


    1. Well I hope you enjoy them – lucky you have all the stuff – even if by mistake πŸ™‚
      Yes I have done the new pump (I think- we never get told the numbers- it has living on a prayer as one of the songs)- I went heavier for the squats as they were quite boring, and as the back track was slower (and more controlled) I went back to a heavier weight I used to use a while back, but I found the triceps and abs really hard!

  5. DCD is so yummy! I used to chow that stuff – white chocolate wonderful is good too! and those wraps? I’m jealous. I’ve got butternut roasting in the oven just now.

    I think I’d wish for some fancy nut butters or ingredients I’ve not been able to get my hands on!

  6. Those wraps look scrumdiddlyumptious! Butternut squash and sweet potato are our two current favourites so I should definitely try those out. I didn’t even know you could get it prechopped. The good thing about squash is that when you use half of one it seems to ‘heal’ itself and keep really well until you want to use the rest!

    As for getting your wish granted. How exciting is that? Hope you’ve got plenty of room in your cupboards.

    As for what my wish would be…..it would definitely be for pure coconut oil. I keep reading about it’s many many benefits but as it’s so expensive I haven’t yet made the plunge into buying some!


    1. Good wish! I think I cooked the squash in coconut oil as it leaves a little hint of flavour too. I thought I had ordered some frozen squash- so then if I fancy some I just have a few cubes, but fresh stuff turned up- I did feel lazy but I always worry about chopping my hand off when I cut up the real ones!

  7. Mmm, your enchilladas look amazing, glad you enjoyed them! πŸ™‚ I put a bit of the tomato sauce on the bottom of the baking dish before putting the wraps in to avoid them sticking, although you may not like that option so much if you prefer less sauce. I think one of the recipes I looked at used spinach as an extra veg in them, but I’m not a fan of cooked spinach so skipped it.

    That is so cool that you got so much DCD! πŸ˜€ I love it on top of porridge (or just by the spoonful!)

    My wish would be for some clothes that fit please Fairy Hobmother! All my clothes are too small (sob!) so I look and feel so uncomfortable, but refuse to buy more clothes as I keep telling myself it’s a waste of money and I should just lose weight. Doesn’t seem to be happening though and I’m fed up of looking frumpy, I’m down to my last pair of jeans as the rest have split at the seams πŸ™ Gah, can’t believe I just wrote all that in public…I really do need to take back some self-control!

    1. Good idea with the tomato sauce on the bottom πŸ™‚ I like the sound of the spinach too as I like it cooked.
      Ah that is a good wish- I know that feeling too it is annoying to have things that don’t quite fit.

  8. what a brilliant idea and so cool your wish was granted! My real wish would be for a new tumble dryer as mine’s finally died! But in reality, hmmmmm… I’d love a cookie press, I’ve got into my cookie-making but they always look a bit rubbish.
    And I never know the difference between wraps and enchiladas either but yours look great, whichever they are πŸ™‚

      1. Oooh what did the email say? I always think of wraps baked in the oven with lots of sauce & cheese as enchilladas, and ones baked with no sauce & cheese as burritos, so yours were a bit inbetweeny! Would be interested to learn the actual definitions though! πŸ™‚

        1. It said this Quesadillas are like a mexican toastie
          Burritos are flour tortillas with a filling with the sides folded in and normally baked in the oven and usually but not always covered in a sauce.
          Taco are are flour or corn tortillas opened with a filling
          Enchiladas are corn/maize tortillas dipped in oil to soften and then rolled with a filling and cooked with a sauce over the top.
          Toastadas are normally corn but can be flour tortillas that are cooked until hard either in hot oil or sprayed and baked in the oven until hard and then covered with beans and salad.
          I need to remember all that for next time! πŸ™‚

  9. That’s ace that your wish got granted! Love DCD mmmm. I’m still wishing for a mini fridge for my bedroom because the fridge situation in our house is ridiculous, all I have in ours at the moment is soy milk and some chutney.
    I need to try butternut squash enchiladas asap!

  10. I’ve got that baking book too! Your scones are making me want to get baking again so I might have to gather some ingredients for this weekend… I feel a bake-fest coming on! Oh, and Mr Hollywood? I think he’s yummy πŸ˜‰

    Wowww that’s so cool that your wish got granted!
    I’d wish for a juicing machine! I’ve wanted one forever but I just don’t have the cash to splash on a fancy kitchen appliance!

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