WIAW- getting better edition

Morning peeps

It just does not feel like a Wednesday here- not sure it feels like any day at the moment. Having no routine just means all the days merge. But hooray because thanks to Jenn it is time for the midweek party to celebrate/ be nosy about what everyone has for their food.

I think (because all the days merge) I chose last Monday, a couple of days after I got home from hospital. Sadly porridge is not agreeing with me right now- I should not have had it in the hospital as now it reminds me of that. Hmph. Hopefully in a few days I will be back to it. I also had a bit of a dodgy tum my last day in hospital so was wanting more crunchy foods. Plus I get really full really quickly at the moment, but then hungry soon after- think when my stomach gets full it might press on the cyst? Anyway, less rambling, more food pictures!


Seedy toast with rainforest nut butter and blackcurrant spread.


Tomato soup (good old Heinz not home-made!) and some tomato and goats cheese flatbread.  Plus 2 clementines- so delicious.

Afternoon tea! My favourite!

Gingerbread spice tea! So yummy!


Pasta with red pesto, veggies and cheese (I did not manage all of this as I got so full though).

Dessert: A bit later on.

Baked apple with raisins and caramel alpro.

Do you have foods that remind you of being ill or foods that you feel make you feel better? For a long time, weirdly, tomato soup reminded me of being ill so I would never eat it when I was not unwell, but now it makes me feel like I am getting better.  I always feel that citrus fruit help me with a cold- a bit late with the vitamin C once you have the cold but it helps my brain believe I will get better- placebos are proven to work even when people know they are placebos after all!

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16 thoughts on “WIAW- getting better edition”

  1. I think heinz tomato soup has healing properties!! It makes me feel lots better, I always used to eat it when poorly when I was little. I’m glad you’re feeling a lot better.

    The placebo effect is soo interesting, I read a lot about it the other week.

  2. Hello,
    I’m really glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. What a pain about the porridge though. I’m a bit like that about ginger things after having suffered hideously with morning sickness in my first pregnancy and trying every ginger remedy in the book… funnily enough the Dido song that starts ‘teas gone cold, I’m wondering why. I ..got out of bed at all’ also makes me feel immediately sick as that was played to death at the same time and always seemed to be on when I had to pull the car over on my journey to work!!!


  3. Great to hear you are getting better! I hate negative food associations, they can be so hard to budge out! I can’t eat those Kinder Bueno things because I felt so ill after having one once! It’s weird how strong memories can be with food! I also can’t stand morello cherry jam after having it on dry, slightly cold toast in the morning for months on end at school because my dad would stock-pile things you mentioned you liked!

    It’s all in the positive thinking. If you think something is making you feel better…you will feel better. (That’s what I try and tell myself anyway!) 😉

  4. I definitely associate Heinz Cream of Tomato with feeling better – first I’d have just the soup, then once I was almost fully ‘restored’ I’d add a jacket potato with Double Gloucester cheese on the side. Well, I say ‘I’ but it was really my Mum, because it was my go-to recovery meal from the ages of 8-13!

    It’s true that the volume of the cyst could be pressing on various organs depending on its position. TMI time – mine didn’t affect my appetite, but it did make me need to pee every 20 minutes. Fun times!

    I’m so glad you’re feeling a little better anyway *hugs!*

    Sorry for ending every comment recently with *hugs* but I wish I could hug you for real and make things better again so badly!


  5. It’s so annoying when you don’t really feel like eating. I love food so much, it’s very upsetting!
    When I’m ill I like to eat Malteasers, because somehow they always settle my stomach. When I was ill in the summer and hardly ate for three days my Mum bought be an iced bun, and it tasted gorgeous and made me feel so much better. So the message is sugar, sugar and more sugar 🙂

  6. Custard always reminds me of being ill, I find it very hard to eat when I’m not ill!

    That blackcurrant spread on toast looks delicious, I haven’t had fruit spread in such a long time!

  7. I hope you do feel better soon – and that you can eat porridge again, eek!
    I always go for Heinz tomato when I’m not well and you’re right, it instantly makes me feel better – and I agree on the placebo thing too; I’m convinced dissolvable vitamin C is going to make things better and it always seems to 🙂

  8. Ty I am afraid I cheat and buy the red pesto- I think it is sundried tomatoes and toasted red peppers, plus oil and basil.

  9. Oh wow, your goat’s cheese flatbread must have been amazing.
    I can no longer eat frito chips. I got sick on them when I was 8 or so and ever since then I just can’t enjoy them.

    Also, I have a new blog. Everyone feel free to check it out. Feedback is welcome.

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