WIAW- rye-lly tasty

I need to work on those titles!

I chose Saturday for my day- we went out for a little walk in the afternoon.


Nectarine, muesli and soya milk.


Rye bread with peanut butter and dark chocolate dreams, a persimmon (I sliced it the other way around and ate the skin this time- I think when I sliced it like an apple the skin seemed too thick) and clementines.


A chocolate/ peppermint cookie.


We were given a load of pickles and chutneys for Christmas, so we had some lovely walnut rye bread with salad, cucumber, celery, wenslydale with cranberries and started the red onion chutney. Yum. That tin (with the mouse on) has biscuits for cheese, but I was full after a couple of slices of rye bread so I didn’t have any. But I love the cute tin!


Alpro dark chocolate pot with a little Lizzi’s granola.

The observant among you may have noticed that for breakfast I was still using my nice red coasters, but by dinner I had a new tablecloth and spotty coasters. Time to stop with the festive things I feel!

If you fancy having a look at what other people had on their menu’s this week, head over to Peas and Crayons for WIAW.

Anyone else a rye bread fan? I love it! Big question- anyone ever made it successfully? I had rye flour but it was so hard to make into bread- it really seemed to turn into concrete! But I would love to make it properly.

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18 thoughts on “WIAW- rye-lly tasty”

  1. I love rye bread – but don’t buy it often because I just don’t eat a lot of bread so it always goes to waste. Those alpro dark chocolate pots have been calling out to me at the supermarket, might have to buy some next time. Would you recommend the lizzi’s granola?

  2. Is that Wenslydale with Cranberries I spy? My favourite!!!
    I used to eat a lot of rye bread when I lived in Germany- I love it with some raspberry jam!

  3. Where do you get your rye bread from? I had some lovely rye bread at the hotel in Norway, but the prepacked stuff in the free from aisle, despite looking very like it – square and seedy, seemed very greasy and i bought some from the flower power bakery market stall and that didn’t taste anything like it! No seeds and was a farmhouse shape.

    Wish i’d brought a loaf back from norway in my rucksack now! I’ve never tried making it, but there is a shop in london called Scandi Kitchen (also a cafe/deli) who do online sales & i’ve been tempted by their rye bread mixes – maybe if i end up going the i might.

  4. Jenny- I got that one from Holland and Barrett I think, but Tescos have the same stuff in their wholefoods section randomly. It lasts for ages I think.
    Marijke- yup it is- I love that cheese! Like the sound of jam with rye bread too.
    Nada-the dark chocolate pots are so much better than the normal chocolate ones. The lizzis granola is lovely- they do so many fab flavours- I think the mango one is my fave, but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

  5. Oooh, I finally found some Alpro dark chocolate and caramel pots just before Christmas but haven’t got round to eating them yet! I bought some new-to-me apple & cinnamon granola in Lidl today as well, so I might make that my evening treat later on 🙂

    I only eat rye bread when I’m at my Mum’s as she eats it quite regularly. I don’t buy bread very often (for myself anyway) but tend to get the Vogel’s linseed or sunflower seed ones when I do.

  6. I go through bread-making kicks, but have never tried making rye bread… I do like to eat it, though. 🙂 And I LOVE the chocolate peppermint combo, yummm.

  7. i am so grateful to my british friends because if it weren’t for you (specifically you, running cupcake, on this particular week), i fear that i may have gotten “too hungry” at lunch and eaten all of my creative volume for my beautifully planned WIAW dinner post! but you’ve just bopped me into line, and for that, i thank you. 🙂 currently adding you to my favourite blogger’s list just because i really like you, and two of my favourites like you (jessica and laura). xxx

  8. Yum, I love having easy meals like your dinner, and even better when it involves rye bread and chutney! I’ve only ever tried the pre-packed thin slice rye bread from the health food store but yours looks a lot tastier… I’ll have to scope it out next time I’m in Tesco 🙂

  9. The stuff from tescos was the bread i found greasy, or at least too moist but i guess thats why it keeps well. if you put rye into Tastespotting there are some good looking recipes. This was the mix available online shop from london http://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/products/AMO-Rugbrod-mix-FULDKORN-1kg.html

    Not sure where you are in the UK but there is a chain of Delis around Herts & North London, called Belgique(.co.uk) who also do european breads/cuisine.

  10. I’m not a huge rye bread fan, but I’ve had a couple good rye beers! 😉 Those cookies look great – I’m a huge peppermint fan.

  11. I love rye bread but sadly it does not love me – the Biona Quinoa Amaranth one was my favourite but sadly it started messing with my stomach so I had to stop eating it. It was lovely with tahini on it, as I recall. But then again, most things are…


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