More snow and more sourdough


Not quite as much as Sunday, but more than a “dusting” which the weather forecast promised.

Last night I made some more sourdough dough, only this time I used all white flour. I decided to make it in a tin (the recipe said you could) as I found transferring it from the bowl to the baking tray quite tricky.

This morning it had exploded! I find it amazing that there is no yeast added- literally just flour, water and salt. Crazy.

Anyway, I cooked it for a bit too long (my fault for mis-reading the recipe- should have been 30 mins but I did it for 35). Plus I didn’t oil the pan (I usually do, but the recipe just said to dust with flour- next time I will oil it) and so it was very very hard to get out!  Plus my cutting needs practise (and a sharper knife!). Hopefully each time I will get a bit better anyway.

Anyway, while it was cooling in the tin (I could not get it out) I went on a little walk. The pavements by me were not great because yesterday they were still icy so it was ice with snow on top= slippery. But the other pavements had been cleared so it was better once I got a bit further away.

I saw lots of pretty plants and berries covered in snow.

And other plants too.

Plus a cute snowman family!

So cute!

By the time I got home I managed to ease the bread out of the tin.

Phew. I was thinking we would have to turn it into croutons!

Any nice plans for the weekend? This coming week is half term which means I get a lot more company than usual- hooray! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “More snow and more sourdough”

  1. Haha, that wee snowman family is very cute indeed! I must admit, I’m fed up of the snow now as it’s preventing me from running outside 🙁 I can’t stand running on the treadmill at the moment (or ever!) so it’s very frustrating to see the pavements covered in snow and ice. It seems the pavements around the business park are my best though, I think they keep them relatively clear. I don’t suppose there are any other local outdoor running spots you know of that are OK in this weather?

  2. The business park pavements are fine- they got out and cleared them (the little truck things went past me on my walk this morning). If you wanted a run today they would be fine- it is clear along the middle of the paths and more slushy at the edges.
    Whenever it was icy I only ever stuck to those pavements because I knew they would clear them. I never tried Stanborough or anything like that- partly because it seemed silly to drive there, plus usually it was after work so in the dark and I didn’t fancy running in a park in the dark.

  3. I’m impressed with the sourdough! It looks really good. I’d imagine it’d look like a mess if I ever attempted it!

    Bristol has had practically no snow. We got a tiny sprinkling overnight which has melted now. I think we are the only part of the country not really affected! It always looks nice but urgh, really not a fan. Also, Russia made me even worse but at least we don’t have to contend with falling icicles and snow being shovelled off the rooftops!

    Weekend? Not sure. Got some translations to be doing and then lots of sleep I think! 🙂 Oh and pancake making! 😉

    Thank for all the iron tips btw!

  4. The snow looks so pretty. It’s nearly all gone in Leeds now, although there’s still a little lying around. It was mighty icy this morning, but I have very grippy boots, so it wasn’t too much of a problem.
    When I worked in a bakery we used a sharp serrated knife to cut the bread and did it with a quick movement with a fair bit of pressure. It does take practice to get it right, but doing it quickly in one smooth movement is probably the key.

  5. I’m jealous of your snow! Not missing the cold this winter, but I did always enjoy a little snow, and snow days were fun, too. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for the running route advice… I managed to navigate a nice 7 mile route around the business park & town centre so I’m pretty happy with that 🙂 Here’s hoping that the snow stays away for a while now!

  7. Even I can appreciate how lovely the snow on red berries looks! Nightmare that you got more though; we haven’t had any more but it’s still a good 4 inches thick on the fields 🙁
    I’m impressed with the sourdough and can’t believe it can rise that much without yeast! (Thanks for the tip on Montezuma’s in Waitrose on your last post too; I think it would be rude of me not to go and take advantage…)

  8. We got some more snow too.. I think its starting to melt again though! The homemade bread looks great!

    I dont have any big plans for the weekend. I’m going shopping with my mom, going to the gym, studying for a math test (HELP!!) and thats pretty much it.. Hope you have a nice weekend! 🙂

  9. Shannon- good luck on the test. I bet you have loads more snow than I have here too.
    Eleanor- it does look pretty (and I am glad you appreciate it)- I just wish it would only stay for one day, then completely go, because it gets so frustrating after a few days. And glad to be of service regarding chocolate on offer! 🙂
    Bronagh- well done for finding a route- 7 miles is impressive in this weather. 🙂
    Laura- snow days are fun, I agree, but only when you don’t have to go to work/ do anything outside!
    Jessica- I bet you would manage the bread- trial and error anyway. And no probs regarding the iron stuff too.

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